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18 Jan 2004

Blood pressure medication
I use one 50 mg Amiloretic and one phiseotens ( I think 5 mg)tablet daily for blood pressure. I would like to stop this and replace with a natural product. In Dr. Atkins book he writes about L-taurine, but I can't find that. I tried Taurine, but two days later I was so puffy of all the fluid retention that I could hardly open my eyes. I had to start again with my two tablets. I believe these tablets prevent me from loosing weight, amonts other negative things. What would you suggest.
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01 Jan 0001

Hello Lynn

Blood pressure is not something one must try and treat personally. Please do make the effort to see a homeopath or naturopath to help you. The reason for your HBP needs to be determined and the appropriate treatment will then be prescribed. That the treatment does work is no doubt. The key is just what you need.

Below is some general info for you.

Kind regards.



1. Essential hypertension is caused by a restriction in the peripheral circulation. This can be due to hardening of the arteries or build up of fatty deposits.

2. Idiopathic hypertension means that no physical cause can be found. This usually indicates that stress could be the main reason why the blood pressure is high.

3. Renal failure, as well as hardening of the blood vessels leading to the kidneys, can also cause the blood pressure to elevate.

4. When is blood pressure too high? A reading of 120/80 is good. 140/90 becomes suspicious. Higher readings indicate hypertension and should be treated.

5. 85% of all hypertensive patients are treatable and the condition can be prevented without drugs!

Do you suffer from?

• Headaches

• Dizziness

• Nervousness

• Irritability

• Tiredness

• Insomnia

• Enlarged heart

Nature’s Solution:

A Vogel’s Crataegus Oxycantha herbal drops have a remarkable effect by strengthening the heart muscle. This herbal heart tonic has been used by natural doctors for centuries to prevent heart disease. Crataegus Oxycantha herbal drops are not contra-indicated for anyone using conventional chemical medication.

A Vogel’s Circulation Formula homoeopathic drops is formulated to assist the circulation at various levels. Circulation Formula will strengthen and support arterial, venous and capilliary circulation. This formula is very useful to treat hypertension caused by hardening of the arteries and once again are not contra-indicated for anyone using conventional chemical medication.

A Vogel’s Ginkgoforce herbal drops and tablets is an excellent circulation tonic for the elderly. Ginkgoforce will assist the circulation to the brain by rendering the membranes of cells more pliable. Ginkgoforce has powerful anti-oxidant properties to remove accumulated toxins due to sluggish circulation and hardened cell membranes.

Bacfo Cardol-H is a herbal preparation which contains extracts of herbs which is beneficial to strengthen the cardiac system as well as to reduce blood pressure to normal levels. This product is only available on prescription from a homoeopath or ayurvedic doctor.

A Vogel’s Urticalcin is an essential component when treating cardiac and blood pressure disorders. Calcium in this organic plant form will prevent hardening of the arteries.

A Vogel’s Neuroforce homoeopathic drops will be of great benefit to nervousness which results in hypertension. Neuroforce acts as a nervous system tonic.

A Vogel’s Hyperiforce is a well known herbal tonic for people who easily become depressed and anxious. Hyperiforce can be used safely by most people for as long as needed to restore the anxious mind to tranquillity.

Bio-Strath Herbal Yeast Elixir has clinical proof that people who are anxious or depressed will respond to the nutrients in this old fashioned tonic. Bio-Strath has an all-round beneficial effect on all body systems, including the circulatory system, due to the synergistic effects of the herbs contained in this preparation.

Did you know?

1. Several factors can raise blood pressure
a) Increased heart rate
b) Thicker blood
c) Increased peripheral resistance
Of these factors, c) is the most common cause
2. Increased peripheral resistance can also be called narrowing of blood vessels which occurs mainly in small arteries.

3. Stress is one of the main causes of vasco-constriction (narrowing) of the small arteries.

4. The cycle of vasco-constriction leading to high blood pressure repeats itself continuously. The renal arteries are easily damaged in this process, leading to a further rise in blood pressure.

5. Apart from vasco-constriction due to stress, the arteries can also become narrow due to fatty deposits.

6. People who eat a lot of animal protein as well as fats, fried foods and other refined foods, can easily develop fatty deposits in the arteries and veins.

7. When vegetable oils are heated they change chemically from a cis fatty acids to a trans fatty acid which is also implicated in the formation of fatty deposits in the veins and arteries.

8. Drugs used to treat hypertension have the following action in the body:
(a) Reduced heart rate
(b) Vasodilator effect reducing peripheral resistance
(c) Diuretic effect which reduces total blood volume.

9. Drugs used to treat hypertension can become ineffective after a while. Constant monitoring needs to take place to ensure proper control if the chemical route is chosen.

10. Lifestyle is most probably the greatest cause of raised blood pressure.
(a) Excessive weight
(b) Excessive eating of animal fats
(c) Lack of fibre in the diet
(d) Stress
(e) Lack of demanding exercise
(f) Excessive intake of salt

What to do:

1. Get a proper diagnosis of what the root cause of your hypertension might be.

2. In most cases lifestyle changes need to be made. Please give attention to the dietary advice attached to this document to follow a healthy lifestyle.

3. Just 20 minutes of brisk walking per day, will already start the blood pressure on a downward slide!

4. Stress which is associated with achievement can cause blood pressure to rise. Issues of self worth and seeking the approval of others must be addressed to bring about an inner calm.

5. Lifestyle habits which have resulted in raised cholesterol levels need to be treated effectively by treating the liver and the digestion.

(a) Dr A Vogel’s Boldocynara herbal drops will assist with the flow of bile which will reduce cholesterol counts.
(b) Dr A Vogel’s Gastronol tabs will remove the bloated feeling in the digestion, while improving digestive processes which often gives rise to belching and heartburn, common in hypertensive patients.
(c) Bioflora capsules will provide bowel flora to normalise a healty digestive tract which can assist with proper assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

6. If water retention is a problem, or poor kidney function is diagnosed, it will be necessary to treat the kidneys to restore their integrity as soon as possible.

(a) Reduce intake of salt
(b) Reduce intake of protein
(c) Drink enough water. If renal damage is diagnosed, fluids might even be restricted.
(d) A Vogel’s Nephrosolid herbal drops are most efficient in assisting the kidneys to function better. Use daily.

7. Hypertension headaches can be relieved by ice packs to the neck.
A Vogel’s Petadolor herbal drops have a muscle relaxing effect which will assist to reduce the pain. Petadolor has a natural analgesic effect while also calming the patient, without side effects. Petadolor can also be used for other painful conditions in the body.

8. Hypertension is a dangerous condition and needs proper attention. This condition is best treated by seeking help from a professional person.

Some useful Information

It is important to determine whether hypertension, or high blood pressure, is caused by a kidney disease or by the diminishing elasticity of the blood vessels. If the latter, it may be easily corrected through a rice diet, as this is effective in practically all diseases attributable to the aging process. Rice is a medicinal food, which provides surprisingly good results, but you must be sure to use brown unpolished rice, for this is more beneficial and valuable than the more common refined white rice. If you cannot obtain brown rice, Basmati Rice may serve as a compromise, because it still retains many of the important minerals found in brown rice. It is not easy for everyone in countries where rice is not produced to stick to a rice diet. In many areas people are used to eating mainly potatoes and local cereals, but in the Far East rice is a staple food. In this respect people in Far Eastern countries are better off, for if they adhere faithfully to the simple brown rice diet of their forefathers, they will never have to worry about high blood pressure. Since high blood pressure is usually associated with eating too much protein, patients would be wise to cut out from their diet all animal proteins such as meat, eggs and cheese; if they think they cannot live without these, they should at least reduce the quantities to a bare minimum. In other words, the basis of the diet should be rice, cottage cheese and salads, if high blood pressure is to drop.

The reason rice is of such importance in this diet is that it helps to restore the elasticity of the blood vessels. Soft white cheese, like cottage cheese and Feta cheese is a good source of protein, goes well with vegetables, especially salads, and is tasty. By adding various seasonings, for example, A Vogel’s Herbamare, Trocomare, Kelpamare seasoning sauce, or Plantaforce paste or cubes to your cooking in lieu of refined salt, you can enrich its content and taste, provide some variety and supply the body with the necessary vitamins and essential mineral salts. Many people suffering from hypertension have been helped by means of a diet similar to the one suggested below. It does take a little willpower to be consistent and not revert to one’s old eating habits. Of course, family members can help tremendously by showing understanding and giving encouragement. Success will not fail to come in time. In the paragraphs below we are glad to give valuable hints and directions for a recommended diet.


Even without meat, eggs and cheese, breakfast can still be varied from day to day. We can make Bambu Coffee, have rye bread, crispbread, wholegrain or wholemeal bread, butter and honey, or jam without additives. A dish of muesli with seasonal berries or fruits completes the breakfast menu. This breakfast is tasty, nutritious and invigorating. Instead of having fruit every morning, you may wish to introduce some variety and take your Bambu Coffee together with wholegrain or wholemeal open sandwiches. Spread the bread with a little unsalted butter or cottage cheese, cover it with slices of radishes in springtime and top it with fresh seasonal herbs or tender leaves of lettuce. Tomatoes may also be used in sandwiches too, whilst horseradish and cress, when in season, will enrich our breakfast.

Midday Meal

The meal we eat at noon is an essential part of the treatment. It can indeed be curative if prepared according to the following suggestions. Prepare rice, cottage cheese enriched with horseradish and a salad of four or five different fresh vegetables, not forgetting to season with Herbamare, Trocomare or Kelpamare seasoning sauce and a little garlic in order to benefit from its healing properties. If you do not like the strong aftertaste or smell of garlic, be assured that this can usually be eliminated by eating parsley afterwards.

If you think up different ways of serving rice, it will not become tiresome. For example, it is possible to prepare tasty vegetable rice dishes, as they do in the Far East. This idea has endless possibilities, such as rice with courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms, aubergines, chillies or soybean sprouts. To all these dishes, add cottage cheese with herbs, and don’t forget the salad. For the sake of variety we may want to prepare a sweet rice dish with grapes and almonds, and eat this with fresh fruit compote. Finish off the meal with Bambu Coffee.

The rice should be cooked so that the grains do not stick together. If you overcook rice it will lose its tastiness and become starchy. To enhance the flavour of a rice dish sprinkle it with finely chopped parsley, and Kelpamare. This will make a welcome change.

Evening Meal

It is advisable to take only a light meal at night and refrain from eating any hard-to-digest foods in order to ensure a good night’s rest. We recommend some fruit and wholegrain or wholemeal bread, spread with butter, and a cup of Bambu Coffee. The fruit may be in a dish of muesli, or served as a fruit salad made with fresh fruit only. Fruit as a diet food has to be fresh, so you will have to limit your choice to the varieties in season. If vegetables rather than fruit are preferred, make some fresh vegetable soup accompanied by wholemeal sandwiches and a mixed salad. In order to avoid flatulence, it is best to avoid eating vegetables and fruit at the same meal. If you did not know about this, it may be difficult to change your habits. But observing this rule is worthwhile, because your digestion will improve, gastric disturbances will disappear and your body’s energy reserves will last longer.

What to drink

If we want to have a suitable drink with our vegetable dishes, we should choose something that contains lactic acid, for example diluted Molkosan, or juices, such as beetroot and carrot juices. However, it should be remembered never to make a practice of drinking while there is food in the mouth as this prevents proper mastication and hinders the pre-digestive process. Otherwise always ensure that you drink between 2 - 4 litres of water every day.

The art of seasoning

When suffering from high blood pressure it is important to consider the type of condiments used. Since too much salt can increase the blood pressure, the diet should be very low in salt, just as is necessary in the case of kidney trouble. Instead of using salt without thinking, you must learn the art of proper seasoning. This is something that every cook should know, especially if diet meals have to be prepared. Food should never taste dull or else it will be unappetising. Instead of salt, the following spices and herbs, if used moderately, are better for your health; horseradish, parsley, marjoram, thyme, and if you like, also chillies, paprika and curry. Garlic adds a pleasant flavour to rice dishes too. The popular herbal salt, Herbamare makes seasoning easier and is economical to use. Cook your food with Plantaforce low salt cubes or paste as it adds delicious and nutritious flavour to soups, stews, rice, bakes, etc. Kelpamare is used after cooking to enhance the flavour even more. This healthy seasoning is a habit worth forming!

Normalising the blood pressure through a wholegrain rice diet

White or brown rice? In the United States it has been the custom for quite some time to treat high blood pressure with a rice diet. A Swiss sanatorium has employed the same diet to combat hypertension with the satisfactory result that the pressure decreased significantly, but at the same time the diet produced a bad side effect – the patients became anaemic. What could have caused this unfortunate result? Well, it was quite simply due to a lack of knowledge. No one took into consideration that white rice is not at all suitable for diet purposes; having had its goodness to a large extent removed, it gives rise to typical deficiency symptoms. Did not the outbreak of beriberi make the world aware of this fact? A mono-diet of rice is indicated only if it is based on the wholegrain; it must be unpolished brown rice. Only then will the patient benefit and the blood pressure drop without any accompanying deficiency symptoms. It is a good thing to observe this in everyday cooking as well, because brown rice is far more nutritional than the refined white kind, as brown rice contains 9,5 times more minerals (nutritive salts) than white rice. During the refining process, not only is the external cellulose husk removed, but so too is the tasty silvery membrane and the germ. While this process makes for a nice white grain, it devalues it at the same time.

What can you expect to achieve?

It is a proven fact that a diet of wholegrain rice promotes normal blood pressure. As it regulates low as well as high pressure, it would be wrong not to give it a chance for either of these problems. Crataegus Oxy and Arnica D6 should be taken, both remedies having a positive influence on the blood vessels. If, as a result of this treatment, the arterial pressure falls, this signifies not simply a lower reading but the welcome fact that the elasticity of the blood vessels has improved – that is, a genuine rejuvenation of the vessels has taken place. If we realise the consequences of high blood pressure, we will feel it is well worth the effort to persevere with the recommended diet until satisfactory results have been obtained.


1. 85% of high blood pressure cases can be successfully treated by:
• Lower salt intake
• Eat less animal fats
• Lose weight
• Get regular exercise
• Increase fibre in your diet
• Work on the stress factors in your life.

2. A proper diagnosis is necessary to determine the cause of the blood pressure.

3. Do not attempt to treat yourself! Consult with a homoeopath in your area.

4. A Vogel’s remedies can be used to support the dietary changes in your lifestyle, together with the specific homoeopathic remedies prescribed by your homoeopath or medical doctor.

5. High blood pressure can have serious consequences. Ensure that your blood pressure falls within the safe limits.

Crataegus Oxycantha liquid Application No. U602 (Act/Wet 101/1965) Contains Cratagus Oxyacantha. Alcohol content: 48% v/v.

Urticalcin Tablets Application No. U959 (Act 101/1965). Each tablet contains Calcium carb. Hahnem. D4 0.50mg, Calcium Phos D6 0.50mg, Natrium Phos D6 0.50mg, Silicea D6 2.50mg and Urtica D1 10.00mg in a tablet base composed of lactose, potato starch and magnesium stearate.

Ginkgoforce Drops. Reg. No. 290535, Contains Ginkgo biloba Mother Tincture HAB.
Ginkgoforce Tablets, each tablet contains the equivalent of 10 drops of Ginkgo biloba Mother Tincture HAB.

Boldocynara Liquid Application No. U876 (Act 101/1965). Each 1ml contains Cynara scolymus Ø 421mg, Silybum matianum Ø 293mg, Taraxacum off. Ø 110mg, Peumus boldus Ø 64mg and Menta piperita Ø 27mg. Alcohol content 60% v/v.

Nephrosolid Liquid Application No. U927 (Act 101/1965). Each 1ml contains Solidago Virgauren Ø 635mg, Betula Pensula Ø 166mg, Ononis Spinosa Ø 64mg Equisetum arvense Ø 55mg, Alcohol 62% v/v

Circulation Formula Application No. U892 (Act/Wet 101/1965) Contains Veratrum album D4, Ginkgo Biloba D2, Cactus grandiflorus D1, Ammi visnaga D1, Secale cornutum D6, Carbo vegetabilis D12, Hypericum perforatum D6, in equal parts. Alcohol content: 60% v/v.

Neuroforce Application No. U930 (Act/Wet 101/1965) Contains Passiflora incarnata, Avena sativa Ø, Zincum metallicum D12, China succirubra D6, Cypripedium pubescens D6, Phosphorus D30, Cocculus D6, Hypericum perfoliatum ØIgnatia D6, Staphisagria D6, Asarum europaeum D6, Sepia officinalis D12, Agnus Castus Ø, Selenium D12, in equal parts. Alcohol content: 55% v/v

Hyperiforce Contains Hypericum perforatum. Alcohol content: 67% v/v

Gastronol Tablets Application No.U622 (Act 101/1965). Each tablet contains Aesculus D4 20.00 mg, Alumina D8 20.00 mg, Argentum nitricum D4 20.00 mg, Bryonia D4 10.00 mg, Colocynthis D4 10.00 mg in a tablet base composed of lactose, magnesium stearate and potato starch.

Bioflora Capsules: Contain Lactobacillus Rhamnosus R011 and R-049 and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus subspecies Delbrueckii and Streptococcus thermophilus bacteria.

Petadolor Analgesic Formula. Application No. U936 (Act 101/1965). Contains Colocynthis D6, Mandragora e radice D6, Bryonia D6, Hypericum , Paris quadrifolia D5, Viscum album , Petasites off. , Aconitum napellus D6, Cimifuga D6, Passiflora off. , Ruta graveolens D3, Conium madulatum D6. Alcohol content 56% v/v.

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This leaflet is not intended as a medical diagnosis, and in no way excludes the necessity of a diagnosis from a health practitioner. Its intent is solely informational and educational.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical examination, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.
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