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16 Jan 2004

How effecive is vit. Maxi-B Complex on clearing Alcohol related Jaundice?
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01 Jan 0001

Hello Jica

Vitmain B will help but rather take it in in a natural form that the body understands such as in foods rich in B Vitamins or supplements such as Bio-Strath Elixir. The homeopathic remedy Boldocynara will help you tremendously in the long run as it aids the healing of the liver. Obviously a diet rich in liver friendly foods and drinking lots of water will further benefit the liver to help treat the problem. For even better advice, please see a homeopath or naturopath in your area to help you one on one.

Without the liver, we can not survive. Of all the parts in the body, the liver has the most important responsibility to clean the blood and protect the body from harmful substances found in what we eat, drink, take and even breathe. The liver possesses no less than 350.000 million cells and de-toxicates no less than 600 liters of blood every 24 hrs.

What does the liver do for us? (An extract out of the book of Dr A.Vogel, The Liver, the regulator of your health)
Have you ever been in one of those ultra modern labs, where robots have been pressed into service of man? One is over-awed by the apparently automatic intelligence displayed in the production of figures and formulas, convinced that no one can do better. But how wrong we are! Will man ever be able to design and construct something which rectifies his wrong actions, the results of his ignorance, inexperience or indifference? Something to protect him from his own folly? Unlikely! Yet, the liver does exactly that. If you knew, how often it has probably saved your life by refusing to let deadly poisons pass into your blood; you would give more thought to its existence. As it is, you remember it probably only when it protests against constant over-work by making you feel ‘blue’. As previously mentioned, the liver renders all toxins which reach it via the portal vein harmless, if it in proper working order. It is for this reason that medicinal poisons and drugs are far less damaging to health when taken orally rather than administered parenterally by injections or patches.

How you can help your liver daily is to eat good foods, drink lots of water, ensure that you exercise regularly, rest well, sleep well, keep alcohol to an absolute minimum and do a liver cleans at least every six months due to our modern diets and pollutions. This is done by taking Boldocynara for a period of 6 weeks to two months at a time and to take Bio-Strath daily as a general tonic come multi-vitamin and restorer of the body cells. The kidneys are the sister organs to the liver and if you have a severe liver problem it is advisable to take Nephrosolid as well to clear the kidneys and thus aiding better de-toxification of the body. Most importantly, laughter and joy is the best tonic for the liver.

Bio-Strath is a beautiful plant tonic for the body to help with concentration, restoring the immune system, helping to balance the digestion especially after the use of anti-biotics and medicines that deplete the body, it helps to feed the cells by absorbing the nutrients from the food we eat better and it is loaded with 62 vital nutrients that the body requires daily to be well and more. The good part is the fact that it is 100% natural, has no side effects and that the body absorbs it completely.

Bio-Strath can be used by all people, all ages and if one is on medicine or not. The liquid tastes delicious and the tablets are for people who are diabetic or can not take orange juice or honey.

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