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23 Feb 2004

Why am I always TIRED????
Not only am I tired ALL THE TIME, I get headaches as well. Added to that my arms, legs and feet ache. I'm in pain all over and always. And these headaches my gosh!!!
I keep away from junk food. I eat home cooked meals at least three times a day. Fruits and veggies every now and then. Litres and litres of water EVERYDAY!!!
I will admit that I have stress in my life. But I'm doing something about it. I talk about it. Right now as I type this to you I have a headache AND a stamoch ache. My skin is oiler than usual. My nails have lost their shine. I'm having a bad hair LIFE!!!!
Yes I smoke - four a day. I do drink - but I have cut down. I sleep eight or more hours but I still wake up tired. I wake up in the middle of the night. If I should be lucky to sleep without waking up, you can be sure that there was a lot of tossing and turning happening there...

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01 Jan 0001

Hello Tired

Being in pain and having headaches continuously is not normal. Your body is trying to communicate to you that you have a problem. Headaches are a symptom, what is the cause is the answer and herethe best advice would be for you to see a homeopath or naturopath.

What you can do yourself is to better your eating habits, avoid smoking, cut back on alcohol for the time being and take the following remedies:

Bio-Strath Elixir or Tablets
DR Auers Base Powder
Boldocynara from A Vogel
Nephrosolid from A Vogel

Use the above long term to help you build and clean the body. Below you will find useful info on headaches and a healthy nutrition diet.

Lastly, it is possible to drink too much water. 2.4 l a day is what is recommended for adults unless you are very active then increase it to 3-4 l a day.

The above mentioned products are available from pharmacies and health stores.

Kind regards.



What is a headache? - Pain in and around the head.
What are the symptoms of a headache? - Irregular attacks of pain in various parts of the head, or in the sinuses and the facial area.

What is a migraine? - Recurrent attacks of headaches with visual and gastro-intestinal disturbances.
What are the symptoms of migraine? – Recurrent pain with associated nausea, vomiting and photophobia. The pain is usually confined to one side of the head or eye. The patient is irritable and usually wants to be alone in a dark room.

It needs to be remembered that headaches and migraines are not a disease. It is the symptom of a disordered system with many possible origins or cause.

Possible causes:

• Mal-alignment of the spine
• Muscular spasms
• Arthritis with nerve compression
• Stress, anxiety, perfectionism, insomnia, depression
• Teeth grinding
• Digestive complaints; constipation, indigestion
• Intestinal toxicity. Stomach ulcers
• Diet – coffee (withdrawal of coffee), fast foods
• Tea, cocoa, salt, fats, excess refined white flour
• Foods and drinks containing sugar or sweeteners
• Low blood sugar
• Allergies
• Toxicity: Using drugs
Kidney disease or sluggishness
Liver disease or sluggishness
Food additives – insecticides
Gas appliances
Paint fumes
Exhaust fumes
Air pollution
Nicotine excess
Vitamin overdose
Coffee excess
MSG – Monosodium Glutamate
• Liver disease: Toxicity, congestion, gallbladder disease, blood toxicity.
• Head injuries
• High blood pressure
• Circulation: lack of oxygen to brain
• Diseases of ear, nose, throat and teeth abscesses
• Anaemia
• Water retention: Pre-menstrual, Post-menstrual, puberty, Vit B6 deficiency
• Birth control pill
• Menstruation and Hormonal Disorders
• After spinal block (epidural)
• Meningitis
• Tumour in head
• Eye-strain: Poor eyesight, prolonged concentration, poor fitting eye-glasses
• Bright light
• Noise
• Headaches and migraines should never be ignored. It is necessary to investigate to find the cause to propose proper treatment. The use of painkillers on a daily or regular basis cannot be encouraged as it can hardly be regarded as a cure as the headaches return once the effect of the drug wears off. Added to this, the toxicity of the pain killers add to the problem in the long run, due to the harmful side effects these drugs have on the liver and kidneys. To use a painkiller while the underlying cause is being addressed might help in severe cases.

Did you know?

The location of the headache provides a good clue to know which organ could be at fault.

• Above the eyes in the forehead – stomach duodenum
• Left side of head, behind ear – small intestine
• Temples and more on the right side around ear – liver and gallbladder
• On top of head – Kidneys
• Back of neck, going up to top of head – bladder
• Behind eyes to left side – hormonal
• Left side, going into left shoulder – Colon and lung

By far the greatest number of headaches will be found to be connected to toxicity from the bowel, kidneys and liver. Anxiety and stress are usually part of the deeper cause.

Nature’s Solution:

To treat headaches and migraines successfully, it must be remembered that a simple whole-food diet is essential. Please refer to the attached diet sheet. Remember to drink enough water and to get exercise. Recommended outdoor activities would be walking and swimming as both promote the benefit of breathing in fresh air. If you live in a highly air polluted area, consider investing in an ozone machine to add more oxygen to the air you breathe in your home.

Here follows a list of A Vogel remedies for various organs implicated in headaches:

Boldocynara Liver Drops
Liver and Gall Bladder Formula
Nephrosolid Kidney Drops
Gastronol Tabs – stomach and large intestine/colon
Indigestion Formula – stomach and duodenum
Bioflora caps – small intestine
Petadolor drops – antispasmodic natural pain reliever
Ginkgoforce drops, tabs – poor circulation to the brain, lack of oxygen
Diabetisan – hypoglycaemia
Anti-Toxin Formula – general toxicity: pollution, heavy metals, drugs

Did you know?

- Tooth abscesses could be the main source of toxicity, causing headaches. Rather remove the tooth.

- People take many prescription and over-the-counter drugs at the same time, or during the same day. Drug interactions could be causing your headaches.

- Constipation is very often the cause of headaches and bad breath. Regularly eat prunes and whole fibre such as fresh vegetables, fruit and wholegrains, to maintain a healthy stool which should be passed daily with ease. A Vogel’s Linoforce granules help to cleanse the colon when needed.

- Liver and Kidney function must be maintained to keep the blood and organs free of toxicity. Twice per year, go onto a week of vegetables, brown rice and white fish and lots of water to cleanse the system. At the same time, take Boldocynara, Nephrosolid and Anti-Toxin Formula for a period of 6 weeks to detox the system. You can think of this as your 6 monthly health service!

- Headaches caused by stress can be relieved by hot showers and massage. A Vogel’s Petadolor Formula is very quick in its action to reduce muscle spasm and pain. Dormeasan, another A Vogel product, will calm the nerves and promote better sleep.

Some Advice from Dr Vogel

Headaches should never be dispelled with analgesics. Rather, you should try and discover the cause and then treat it by natural means.

Many headaches are caused by intestinal disturbances. Putrefactive processes develop gasses which enter the liver through the portal vein and, from there, find their way into the bloodstream. Headaches frequently result because the nerve and brain cells are affected by the poisons circulating in the blood. Abdominal troubles and diseases can also trigger headaches. Overwork tends to erode one’s nervous energy and this condition, too, may start a headache. Other problems that may cause headaches include a ruptured disc (slipped disc) resulting from strain. This cause can be successfully treated by a chiropractor. High or low blood pressure, diseases of the blood and nephritis can all trigger headaches.

Let me point out that a headache per se is never an illness, only a symptom pointing to an illness that is causing it. It is for this reason that taking analgesics and chemical drugs to deaden the pain is completely inappropriate. The correct thing to do is to find and then treat the underlying cause. On the other hand, you can do something about a headache by providing the nerve cells with certain biochemical salts which will lessen and often cure the pain. There are also homoeopathic remedies, for example, Sanguinaria Canadensis (bloodroot), which are especially good for headaches.

Headaches can also be caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. In this case we recommend both Petadolor and Ginkgoforce, also known as Maidenhair Tree. The leaves of this tree contain active properties that can do wonders for the cerebral blood supply.

Physical therapy should not be forgotten either. Relief is often obtained from warm showers directed on the nape of the neck and the spine, as well as massaging. If the headaches stem from an upset digestive system, warm showers directed on the stomach are the answer to alleviating the pain. Onion, horseradish or cabbage leaf poultices can be applied to the back of the neck in order to combat headaches successfully.

Whatever you do, natural treatments and remedies will prove more effective than chemical drugs, which merely dull the pain. It is of fundamental importance to find the cause of the headache and to treat it accordingly.


Headaches need to be taken seriously. Do not dull the pain with drugs without finding the cause. A Vogel’s Bioforce range of herbal and homoeopathic remedies are perfect partners, for people of all ages, to help solve health problems.

All products are available from Pharmacies and Health Stores

For more information please contact:

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Healthy Nutrition

Health begins with good nutrition, but how are we to decide what is good and what is not in the face of so much consumer health advice? The first thing to remember is that each of us is unique, with unique nutritional needs. A lifestyle and diet that benefits one person may not necessarily benefit another; there is no such thing as a single correct diet. But is there a universal guideline we can adhere to? Perhaps one: wholefoods – in as close to their natural state as possible. Having undergone minimal, if any, processing, wholefoods are without exception, more nutritious than refined foods. We are not able to improve the quality of food by exposing it to a process. We don’t have any processes that can add life to anything; we can only take life out of things. The fewer steps the original food type has gone through, the more nutrition is left in it. After all, we evolved in harmony with our environment, where the process of eating and digesting became compatible with available food, which consisted of specific balanced combinations of nutrients. The process of refining and processing food changes the balance of nutrients, and thereby compromises its nutritional value.

The following recommended diet is intended only as a guideline. Above all, learn to listen to your body’s response to the different foods you eat, and develop your own healthy nutritional plan!


 Rice cakes/Rye Vita with cottage cheese/avocado OR
 Freshly cut seasonal fruit OR
 Oats (preferably rolled) OR
 Mealie-meal porridge OR
 Maltabella (preferably stone-ground) OR
 Millet porridge (cook on stove for about 40 minutes in a stainless steel cooking pot with water and salt)

Add to cooked, cooled porridge the following:
 A drop of honey, half a teaspoon of unsalted butter and one teaspoon of each of the following:
 Raw sunflower seeds
 Raw sesame seeds
 Raw linseeds
 Raw almonds (chopped)
 Raw pumpkinseeds (crushed or ground in coffee grinder). This seed/nut mixture should be added to a fruit salad or to cottage cheese spread on rice cakes)

Snacks or light meals:

 Rice cakes and/or Rye Vita biscuits with any of the following: avocado pear, feta cheese, tomato, sardines, cucumber, tuna, Marmite or honey OR
 Fresh fruit: eat fruit by itself or in-between meals OR
 Figs and cashews/macadamias/pecans/un-sulphured dried fruit/dates/almonds

Lunch and supper:

 VEGETARIAN: fresh tofu, soya mince and frozen soya products
 FISH: Steamed, grilled or baked – not fried! Served with lemon butter and herbal salt
 LAMB: stewed, grilled or baked – not fried!
 FREE RANGE CHICKEN : – baked, grilled, steamed or stir-fried

• Serve any of the above with brown rice, or Basmati Rice, lentils, barley or dried beans (cook well on stove in a stainless steel cooking pot with water and salt)
• Fresh vegetables should be eaten at least twice a day

• All vegetables should be steamed, baked, grilled or served raw – not fried! Flavour with herbs, and/or A Vogel’s Plantaforce, Herbamare or Kelpamare

• SOUPS can be made with any of the above

Recommended dairy products:

 Cottage cheese
 Feta cheese
 Unsalted butter
 Maas
 Organic milk in moderation

For salad dressing:

Cold pressed oil (preferably virgin olive oil) mixed with:
 Fresh lemon juice
 Garlic
 Ground black pepper
 Herbamare
 Kelpamare

Healthy tips:

Use honey sparingly. Have no more than two cups of the following teas a day – Rooibos, fennel, fruit, chamomile, peppermint, green. Remember to drink water and avoid drinking fruit juices; rather eat fresh fruit.

Avoid all:

Processed and refined wheat products, pork, cold meats, beef, battery eggs, milk, yoghurt, yellow cheese, alcohol, coffee, tea, sugar, processed fruit juices, reheated foods, fried foods, microwaved foods and homogenised milk.

Do have:
 Raw honey
 Rye bread
 Soya milk/rice milk/oat milk
 Water
 Carob
 Bambu
 Popcorn

Instead of:
 Brown/white sugar
 Whole wheat/white bread
 Cow’s milk
 Fruit juices/carbonated fizzy drinks
 Chocolate
 Coffee
 Potato crisps

Always drink:

2 litres of water a day to ensure the complete hydration of every cell in your body.

All products are available from Pharmacies and Health Stores

For more information please contact:

SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd
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Customer Care lines:
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This leaflet is not intended as a medical diagnosis, and in no way excludes the necessity of a diagnosis from a health practitioner. Its intent is solely informational and educational.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical examination, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.