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16 Jul 2010

My manager is...
Dear Workplace Health Expert

I hope you are well.

I enjoy what I do at work and I get on well with my co-workers. The clients love me and the pay is not too bad.

It took me 5 months to find work, we have just bought a house and I cannot afford to quit or take a pay cut.

I work at a small branch where we are two admin people and a manager. The second admin lady joined the company a couple of months ago.

I am exhausted, burnt out and currently under treatment for depression related solely to work.

We were required to submit a task list to head office recently. It turn out that the manager was in trouble for not meeting certain deadlines and claimed too much work.

I perform most of her functions, therefore I compared her task list to mine. I needed to see what it is that she claims to do, as she is hardly ever at the office and when she is, she is busy on Facebook or irritating me. Her task list contained all the functions that I perform on her behalf. She blatantly lied to head office.

Head office " ï nstructed"  her to hand over the tasks to me, but I have been doing them all along anyway, plus additional tasks have been handed to me. Nothing has been presented to me in writing however. I don''t trust her.

Head office knows something is going on, but they have no idea how far reaching the problem is. The manager is excellent at spinning a tale and winning sympathy. She lies compulsively.

The company has no grievance procedure in place.

I approached her director a few months ago and informed him of certain irregularities. He confronted her and she twisted herself out of it. The result was that she came down on me like a ton of bricks for stabbing her in the back.

What are my options here as I really need this job? Can I insist on having the new duties presented to me in writing from head office? May an employer simply alter an employee''''s job description without having discussed it with the employee in terms of an increase?

I tolerated all her nonsense, but she is now jeopardizing my career, as head office seems to have sided with her. I honestly cannot take on more duties.

Please help me?
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Workplace health expert
workplace health expert

01 Jan 0001

Hi you mention a head office, therefore cannot be a tiny organisation. Within law you have access to a grievance procedure. This is your route for which you should be protected and be managed fairly. Use it. If you meet a barrier contact department of labour or legal aid for assistance. There is no reason why your job should be threatened.
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