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09 Jan 2013

knee replacement problem

My mom had a knee replacement done on 10 Feb 2011. She has ever since been having pain in that knee. She says she feels off balance when walking and find it diffcult to climb stairs. She also has stabbing pain from below the knee that goes down into the foot. She went back to the surgeon who did the operation and he could not find anything wrong. he gave her very strong medication that is apparantly for your nervous system. She still foung no joy and went to another doctor for a second opinion. He did a nuclear scan in April 2012 which said that her prostesis was loose. She went for a third opinion now in Jan 2013 and that doctor cannot find anything wrong on the x rays and again did the nuclear scan. This scan said there was no loose prostesis. I feel so frustrated as my mom is really experiencing pain as described above. She is not someone that has a low pain threshold. iI do not understand how one nuclear scan can say the prostesis is loose and another says it is not? The third opinion doctor said she must wait for another 18 months as the pain can go away? Please please assist me, I feel so hopeless and I can see what this is doing to her. She also needs to have the other knee replaced in the future.
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