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12 Nov 2012

Hi Doc
I am not sure if I''m in the right place or if you can even help but I am fresh out of ideas and am really worried about my father in law and don''t know which way to turn next.

He has very strange erratic symptoms - it starts with a tooth ache that gets very bad and then he cannot talk coherantly, he has memory lapses and will say he has done things which when you check he hasn''t - but he honestly believes that he has done them.
People are asking us if he''s had a stroke but there is not physical drooping or slurring of speech - except he cannot string a sentence together at times. When he is stressed or tired it is worse, and when he''s stressed he also trips a lot.
He is in his 60''s and his hearing is a problem - he wears a hearing aid (sometimes, when he remembers) but the symptoms do not change that drastically whether he is wearing it or not.
He has had an MRI - the doctor that interpretted it said there was some evidence of " mini strokes"  but went on to say that everybody has them and its not serious.
He has had a few blood tests that came back ok and has been to see a neurosurgeon who said she could find nothing. He has had several teeth extracted, including wisdom teeth but still has this tooth pain.
He was on Lyrica (a very large daily dose) for a while which seemed to improve the symptoms for a while but is no longer. He was also taking 1/2 a disprin a day which improved the symptoms briefly but is now back to the old.
With the tooth pain and inability to string a sentence together he has had pain behind his left eye - which incidently after his last " out to lunch day"  was drooping slightly.
And he has this like nerve pain behind his right ear and on the right jaw line
Please can you help me - what could we possibly be looking at as the doctors are telling us there''s nothing wrong with him, but there clearly is.

Oh by the way before i forget, there is family history of alzeheimers - but apparently no sign of dementia on his MRI and also about 14 years ago he was felling a tree which fell on him, it hit his shoulder and compressed him spine, he was on complete bed rest for 6 weeks. These symptoms however only started 5 years ago.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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01 Jan 0001

Hello AdCee,
Some of the symptoms are possibly related to a dysfunctional Jaw joint or joints. I would consult an osteopath or other health practitioner who address temperomandibular jaw dysfunction. TMJ dysfunction can lead to headaches, neck pain, referral of pain and neurological dysfunction to the face.

Due to the history of trauma there is likely to be involvement of the neck as part of the symptom picture. Once again consult with your local osteopath.

Even if there is evidence of mini strokes it is still important to determine the reason for his other symptoms which will then improve his overall health.
Best regards
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