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10 Nov 2013

How Can I Make Sex Easier On Him
I love my boyfriend more than anything. He's my bestfriend and we have been through a lot together. We have been going out for quite a while and have been considering sleeping together. The only thing is, he has a spine dissorder. Basically, where a normal persons spine curves out, or lays flat, his curves in, not to mention he has 2 perminatly disslocated hips, hollow bones in his upper arms, and arthritis in his right hip :'( The doctors though he would never be able to walk without a wheelchair, well he does! He also plays sled hockey, races wheelchairs, and has even participated on his own 2 feet in PE when we were in highschool! The only thing is he cant walk for long distances without having to sit down. As much as he tries, physical activity is a challenge for him. If we are going to sleep together, I want the experience to be an enjoyable one for him. Here's my question: how can I make sleeping with him a fun time, without making it too hard on him?
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