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17 Dec 2002

Word not used on this site
I have written in to this site before + get the impression that the word p---y is not permitted. Please correct me if i'm wrong. I'm 35 a christian + wife of a minister. We have a great sex life + when we make love don't refer to one another's penis + vagina by those names. That's too formal. It's like me calling him " Reverant" when wer'e at home or even being intimate. We both call his penis " cocky" + my vagina "p---y". These are also terms of endearment. To us these are anything BUT dirty words. On this forum much stronger words are used such as "cock, balls, shit" etc. -all words which we never use to one another. What's the big deal with the word p---y? I just love it when my husband talks about mine + calls it that. Could someone please enlighten me. By the way, we both love this forum - keep it up. God bless.
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01 Jan 0001

I want to start with a quote from my favourite book "The Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler.

Let's start with the word "vagina". It sounds like an infection at best, maybe a medical instrument: "Hurry Nurse, bring me the vagina". Vagina. Vagina. Doesn't matter how many times you say it, it never sounds like a word you want to say. it's a toatlly ridiculous, compeltely unsexy word. If you use it during sex, trying to be politically correct - "Darling, could you stroke my vagina?" you kill the act right there.

I like the word Vulva. Vagina is rather clinical and it also refers to the canal and not the "whole part".
Pussy is not bad. Here follows a whole list of names (complete from Vagina Monologues):
Powderbox, derriere, poochi, poopi, peepe, poopelu, poonani, pal, piche, toadie, dee dee, nishi, dignity, monkey box, coochi snorcher, cooter, labbe, VA, wee wee, nappy dugout, fanny, etc, etc.

In Bloemfontein the call her a "Roos", in Pretoria a "Blom", in Sandton a "Marigold" and in Soweto "Ekuku".
Want to continue with the list??

Elna McIntosh
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