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28 Mar 2007

Daily energy requirements
Hi Vanessa,

Please help!!! I have a daily BMR of 7000kj, i currently burn 25000kj/week cycling = 10570kj's requirement per day. I currently take in about 8000kj/day.I have been doing this for 6 weeks without any results, I am desperate, I am not losing any weight,
I am 35, 1.82m, 99kg's/25.5% body fat, my ideal is 85kg's/15% body fat
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Sports nutrition

01 Jan 0001

Hi Fat boy

Not that I think you are that fat, but let us take a look at your calculations.

Firstly, make sure that your daily exercise calorie expenditure is correct? How did you measure it? Is it a trustworthy method? It is rather high although not necessary unusual for cycling. I know for a fact that the treadmills often give a much higher calorie usage that what registers on heart rate monitors.
How did you calculate your BMR?

According to my calculations your BMR is higher (there are a few methods to perform the calculations, but they do not hugely differ):

99kg = 2376 cal (10 870 kJ)
85kg = 2244 cal (9 335 kJ)
Daily expenditure: 25 000 cal = 1 485 cal/day (3 571 kJ/day)
Even so, eating 8000 kJ (1 923 cal) per day you are certainly eating less than your calculated 10 570 kJ (2 541 cal) per day.

According to my calculations you should be consuming 3929 cal (16 344 kJ) for a weigh of 85kg, but should we cut 1000 calories per day for weight loss (do not cut more than that as you increase the risk of the body going into starvation mode and the body turns its metabolism down) you should then be eating 2 929 cal (12 064 kJ) per day which is still much less than the 8000 kJ (1 923 cal) that you are eating. Thus I anticipate that you are hugely under consuming calories for your high calorie output and that your body might think it is in starvation mode, but even so I would at least have expected some weight loss even if just water. Therefore you might need to check for a possible metabolic dysfunction: If you seldom feel hungry or don’t wake up in the morning feeling hungry it is a good indication of an insulin / glucose problem. Alternatively it might even be a thyroid dysfunction? Ask your doctor to perform the following blood tests to verify the possibility: Fasting glucose and fasting insulin, TSH, T3, T4, thyroid anti-bodies, DHEA / testosterone.

Also check the following:
• Is your macronutrient ratio correct? 50-60% carbs, 15-25% protein and 20-30% fat.
• Are you eating 6-8 smaller meals per day?
• Are your consuming high GI carbs immediately after your training to refill your glycogen stores? Best if you add a bit of protein as well.
• Are you consuming sufficient water?
I certainly hope this feedback helps. Please let me know if you have made any adjustments and what the results are – we will get to the bottom of this just hang in there you are on the right track!

Good luck!
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