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21 Nov 2005

hi. i am a female student from a medium/wealthy, high achievement home. i suffer from anxiety and in adition i used to dance (this is probably where the roots of problem come from). As you would, or should know, also having a low impulse control, i fit the category for one falling prone to Bulimia Nervosa quite perfectly.

At first it started only when i felt 'guilty' about eating too much.. then it gradualy creeps up on you and before you know it, every time you are anxious, stressed, low in self confidence or bored you are binging. Freud would agree that the mouth does provide us with comfort. Only this is merely tempory satisfaction. In addition, it does not help to live in a society so image-orientated and superficial.

I am futhermore completely ashamed of myself; "Poor little anxious rich girl stuffing her face when others are starving on the streets." Its disgusting. Thats why i have not told anyone about my problem and have not looked for help.. despite me knowing that one who has this psychological problem must seek help from a psychologist.

I know that Bulimia increases ones 'depression' and anxiety. I know that this will have future health repurcussions.I know that it willl not in the long term make me thinner. I know that it will and does affect my university work..
I dont want this irritating, stupid and self-pittying disorder looming in my mind anymore. There is so much more that i could be doing with my energy. I could be doing constructive and positive activities... yet this shamefull disorder ALWAYS manages to pull me back down. This is why i have not told my parents despite them being extremely loving and supportive, it would just be imbarrasing to tell them.

Besides seeking professional help (because i dont know what excuse i will use to get my parents to take me), what advice can you offer????
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01 Jan 0001

The bottom line is that you need professional help and overcoming your embarassment and getting honest with your parents is part of dealing with this. For as long you keep it a secret it will always have power over you because by others not knowing you can continue to do it - in the same way as someone with an addiction keeps it quiet for fear of it being taken away.

In the first instance you could tell your parents that you are feeling down/depressed, anxious or stressed as a way of intially accessing a Psychologist, but it remains important to get honest with them soon.

If you face your embarassment and ask for help you have taken one of the most difficult steps. From there you can begin addressing the problem face on.
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