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06 Dec 2004

Crystal Meth ("Tik") & Thinz
Please can you help me? Someone told me that using Crystal Meth (also called "Tik") is no more dangerous than taking Thinz (diet capsules).
I have tried both and I know the feeling you get aftewards is pretty much the same. Can you please give an honest reply about what is genuinely dangerous about Crystal Meth, and what is dangerous about Thinz?
I want to lose weight but am scared of getting addicted to the Crystal Meth. The problem with the Thinz is they make my chest tight and I cough (I am asthmatic) whereas I don't get a tight chest or cough if I use Crystal Meth.
Please can I have some HONEST answers? Thank you.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Elizabeth,

the best way to lose weight healthily and to keep the weight off is regular exercise and eating healthily. Neither Thinz or crystal meth will mainatin your weight or be healthy for you.

Crystal meth is highly addictive, and because it is an illegal substance you have no idea what other agents a dealer will mix in with it. It is common for household cleaners to be used in the 'mix'. Although there are certain reactions to crystal meth that are common, a persons response to it is also individualised. For some people it can cause permanent physical damage to internal organs, and because your brain is very sensitive this can also be damaged. Your mental health can be affected causing major mood swings, depression, anxiety and in some cases psychosis. It can also severely damage family relationships when people find out you have been using. Trust is shattered and it takes a lot longer to get it back than it does to lose it.

I work with a lot of young people with drug problems in my private practice, and Elizabeth the main thing I can tell you is that drugs really mess up people's lives when they find themselves addicted and my advice to you about Tik is to please stay away from it.

The honest answer about losing weight is that there is no quick fix. For more advice about losing weight the healthy and sustainable way please post your question to our DietDoc here at Health24.

Thank you for asking this question, and I hope this helps.

Best wishes
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