Men's grooming products: July '10

Here's a selection of new and exciting male grooming products evaluated exclusively by our team of volunteer testers:

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo, R60 for 250ml

Reviewer: Donald Fourie, architect

A banana shampoo!? Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it. That’s what I thought, too, and when I first used it I was a little apprehensive. I needn’t have been. It works really well and gives my hair a gentle clean and a nice and healthy look. And, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, it smells great as well. This is actually a new and improved version of an earlier Body Shop shampoo that has been a success in the past. As with all products from the Body Shop, using it makes me feel like I’m doing something positive for the environment, because the bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. The nourishing and conditioning ingredient is Community Trade banana puree from Ecuador.

Vo5 Extreme Style [rework] Fibre Putty, R35.99 for 125ml

Reviewer: Kevin Ditmar, student

I love playing with my hair. It’s an expression of my mood, which often changes several times a day. With this Vo5 Extreme Style [reWork] Fibre Putty I can create funky hairstyles all day long and change them over and over again. A little bit of this white, smooth, sticky putty rubbed into my hair in the morning is all I need. The product isn’t sticky or greasy once you’ve applied it and it doesn’t produce any flakes after a while either, but it’s long-lasting and holds your hair in any shape or style, no matter how crazy. And the best thing is that if you want to change it, you can. Just run your fingers through it and shape and mould it whichever way you want it – no need to add more putty. Awesome! Now I can have the grungiest bedhead in the morning and still look neat and presentable for my girlfriend’s dad in the evening with several other funky options in between. This stuff is classic and I’ll happily recommend it to anyone who likes to have as much fun with their hair as I do while looking hot all day. Oh, and it smells real good as well!

Vaseline Men Skin Cooling Body and Face Bar, R4.49 for 100g

Reviewer: Paul Skinner, online developer

When the editor gave me this product to review, I though “Its’ a soap. What else is there to say about it?” But I’ll try anything with the word “bar” in it, so I gave it a go. The verdict: yes, it’s a soap, but a really good one. It lathers really well, smells fresh and sporty and it actually does leave your skin feeling cool, just as it promises. It cleans nicely, but is gentle enough to use on my face every day. After using this body and face bar in the morning, my skin feels revitalized, smooth and moisturized, when other soaps leave it dry and exposed. This is a great-value-for-money product and I’ll certainly be looking for it next time I’m shopping.

Porsche Design the Essence Summer Ice Eau de Toilette, R720 for 80ml

Reviewer: Thabo Baepi, financial manager

I’ve heard about Porsche Design previously, but I’ve never actually had the pleasure of using one of their products before. And what a pleasure it turned out to be! Apparently this is a limited edition fragrance for men in a line of eau de toilettes they offer and I really like it. And I mean REALLY! The light blue translucent bottle looks stunning – apparently it was inspired by a block of ice – and it delivers a perfect spritz of a scent that is at once mature and sophisticated yet also very clean and fresh. It has a delicious citrusy undertone that is supported by more musky and woody notes. As far as I’m concerned this is a perfectly balanced eau de toilette for a man who enjoys the classic joys in life and I guarantee that your partner will love the joy of smelling it on you. Mine certainly did. I’ve decided that this is to be my special occasions fragrance, but every morning I really struggle to stop myself from using it - I just love the scent so much. Most mornings I lose the battle!

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush, R1350

Reviewer: Elton September, accountant

I’m not the kind of person who enjoys brushing their teeth. To be perfectly honest, I’d rather avoid it if I could. But of course, I can’t. I work closely with a lot of people every day and I definitely can’t afford bad breath or yellow teeth. Until now, I’ve always thought of brushing my teeth as a chore, but since trying out this Philips Sonicare FlexCare rechargeable sonic toothbrush, I actually enjoy it. I’d go so far as saying that I look forward to doing it in the morning and the evening. And what’s more, I can really see the benefits. My teeth feel extra clean and smooth. This isn’t just any old electric toothbrush mind you. It operates at sonic speeds of up to 30 000 brush strokes per minute – that’s more than four times as speedy as ordinary electric toothbrushes – and the difference really shows. For all its cleaning power, it’s actually quite gentle, both on your teeth and on your gums. The brush comes with a stand and detachable heads. What makes it particularly attractive to me is that you have a choice between three different operating modes: “clean”, “sensitive” and “massage” and between two automatically timed brushing programmes. This is a true luxury rechargeable toothbrush and I really feel that it has helped my teeth get whiter even after a short time of regular use.

Hello Hydration Replenishing & Revitalising Body Wash Gel, R23.99 for 250ml

Reviewer: Andrew Diamond, photographer

This is a great body wash made by Good Stuff and available exclusively at selected Pick ‘n Pay stores. I use it in the shower every day because it leaves me refreshed, clean, moisturised and smelling great. I find that the smooth aquamarine-coloured gel is really gentle on my skin and makes it soft and smooth. This product contains extracts of aloe and gingko bilboa as well as marine actives to look after the health of your skin. The fragrance is really revitalising and the flip-top lid makes using this gel a breeze. Great stuff and excellent value for money.

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