Advertising Policy


Not all information accessible on the internet is equally credible. And we believe that the sensitive and unique nature of health and wellness information requires only the highest ethical standards of journalism and publishing.

The purpose of our advertising and sponsorship policy is to clearly demarcate the separation between our editorial and commercial functions – while also establishing practical guidelines to ensure that the advertisements and sponsored content we carry in no way detract from the credibility of our health information.

We therefore adhere to the following basic rules when placing advertising, sponsors’ logo or advertorial material of any kind:

  1. The discretion to decide when, what and where to advertise remains ours at all times.
  2. Acceptance of an advertisement or sponsorship by Health24 should under no circumstances be construed as an endorsement of or support for the advertised or sponsored product / brand or the company manufacturing, distributing, marketing or otherwise associated with the product / brand. Specifically, we also warrant that none of Health24’s employees own a share (excluding a share of a publicly listed company) or has any interest in any of the companies that advertise on or sponsor our site.
  3. Health24 will only carry advertising and sponsorship material that complies with our high ethical and professional standards – including but not limited to matters of good taste, accuracy, public policy, sound health-care practice, honesty, government regulation and South Africa’s constitutional requirements of non-discrimination.
  4. No advertising associated with firearms, ammunition, pornography, tobacco, gambling or alcohol will be carried.
  5. All advertisements or sponsored content (so called advertorials) will be made clearly and unambiguously distinguishable from Health24’s editorial content. This may be effected by either labeling the advert or advertorial as such or by otherwise clearly and visually distinguishing it from the surrounding text or graphics comprising Health24’s editorial content space. Any advertising that can possibly be mistaken for editorial content will be clearly marked as advertising. Editorial content referring to specific vendors or brand names will not be associated with advertisements promoting those particular vendors or brands. Links to editorial content may also not be placed within an advertisement.
  6. It is incumbent upon our advertisers to comply with local and international rules and regulations (including those of South Africa’s medical and pharmaceutical regulating bodies) regarding the advertising of their products on the Health24 site.
  7. Health24 reserves the right to publish, reject, move or remove any advert or sponsors’ logo without first giving notice to the affected advertiser or sponsor. Without derogating from the generality of the aforegoing, Health24 specifically reserves the right to remove advertising and sponsorship material should such material contravene any of the rules here listed or in any way infringe on the integrity or good reputation of the Health24 site. However, we undertake to inform – with reasons - the advertiser as soon as possible after removing such advertising material.

Our advertising policy is just one facet of our commitment to reliable and ethical information. Also have a look at our content policy, privacy policy, and the background to Health24.

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