Ask an expert

14 Dec 2020

There are certain misconceptions about ADHD and people don't take it seriously. They think it is a self-created problem. Or it is due to neglect. Lack of parent's attention. I've been suffering from ADHD for years and I'm the survivor. Combatting alone. I have got the least support from my family and friends. I can't even take medicines because my parents think ADHD is something that doesn't require any medical treatment. My aggression is been taken for granted. I seek some serious help. I go through these things : - I feel anxious all the time -Sleepless - Can't stick to a single thing. - At times I feel lonely and unloved -Get annoyed easily - Stressed out all the time -Overthinking ADHD has dragged me towards anxiety and depression. I can't explain how much pain I invade each day. To ignore such situations I get to internet surfing for some help. I recently read this article saying ADHD could be helped by Emotional Support Animal , . The good thing isreview is shared by some experts but still I wanted and ADHD xpert's advice. There are some of my friends who told me keeping a pet would help in several ways. I think at this moment my mind is overwhelmed and I really want an emotional support. I'm impressed and inspired by the way these 15 experts have explained the benefits of keeping and ESA. Please help me out so that I could breathe a lil before 2020 ends officially. Anxiously waiting for your suggestion.