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27 May 2021

Brown secretion from breast
Good day. I had 2 HG pregnancies. The 2nd time I continued breastfeeding my son as it was the onky time I did not feel nauseous, but my left breast ran dry by 8 weeks. It started secreting just before my daughters birth, but my letdown from it was very slow. This resulted in my daughter refusing to breastfeed from it at all by 6 months. As she is still drinking from the other breast (she is 2.5 years), the left breast has blocked a few times, but secretes even less now. I hand express as soon as I feel any pain and did it again tonight. Usually 2 minutes or so seems to be enough and my daughter has decided to try it once or twice a month. Tonight I got dark brown from 1 duct in my nipple, thick excretion from the next duct and the rest of the milk is a cloudy yellow to seethrough yellow. Is this something I should be worried about? My daughter is not showing any sign of weening yet and want to give her at least up to September (she will be 3 then). We also live in a small town with only male GP's, so not sure if I am comfortable going to them. Any advice on whether this is a problem and what I can do will be greatly appreciated. There is no lumps or anything similar. Thank you!
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