Ask an expert

27 Apr 2020

Reconstruction surgery for breast cancer survivors
Is there any organization or charities out there that help breast cancer survivors from South Africa to get reconstruction surgery if they can not afford it ? It saddens me that we live in a society where when you are diagnosed with breast cancer or any cancer that you are not just getting a death sentence, but facing to become financially ruined. I have a friend that is recovering from breast cancer, and to be honest, I do not even know how mentally and physically hard it must be for a person to stay positive in a situation like that. She had to leave South Africa to work abroad in Asia, as the economy in South Africa is so a poor state she could not find work. She miraculously made it through and is now in recovery but she has to work so hard to pay off her medical bills on top of trying to recover from this hideous disease. Not only coping with the trauma of losing a breast but now is also so isolated in the town she works in because of the COVID-19 worldwide crisis. To feel just normal again and find your way back to normal the doctors prescribe reconstruction surgery, but again MORE MONEY needs to be pulled out of thin air to pay for this. I spoke with her today and I can hear in her voice that she is not in a good space and she has tried many avenues and stress her self so out to make a plan how she can pay for it . And I really do not know what to tell her and all I can think of is to ask if there is any person out there that knows of a charity that helps women get breast reconstruction surgery where it will not financially ruin a person. I anyone want to help create a charity to help women get this vital surgery, to make them feel more normal again please let's get talking because there must be something that can be done.