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27 Apr 2015

Brainwashing of kids
I divorced from my wife 7 years ago. She then moved with our two children (son and daughter) to live with her mom (widow and sister never married no relationships). They shared a house. And then my problems started. My ex and I maintained a good friendship and we placed the welfare of our kids above ours. The mom and sister are these kind of people who only sees the negative in everything. My ex had a very different life outlook and over time I heard of conflict and great unhappiness in their household. So as time passed I could sense that my kids were very unhappy yet they refused to come and live with me. After I complained to my ex, it became more and more difficult for me to see my children. I had to move to other province due to economic reasons and twice they did not board flights I booked, refused to ride with the bus and demanded that I rent a room somewhere in their hometown when I want to see them on holidays. They also had some hold over my ex and seem to threaten to throw her in the street if she told me anything. More and more my kids were alienated from me and my family. I tried everything within my financial means but the brain washing just got worse so that in the end my kids were hardly speaking to me and refused to come and visit. Two years ago I found out that my ex had a drug problem so I launched a court bid to get my kids with me. Long story short, the sister counter launched a court bid with the lies the ex had been awol as a mom and they (sister and granny) brought my kids up and I never made time for them, been a bad dad, abused them etc. The private social worker who compiled a report without any input from me is friends with the sister. I however placed too much trust in the courts and to my surprise I lost and now I may only contact my kids 1 hour a day, only see them 3 days a holiday at their hometown when they want to see me and may not take them out of their province. And guess what? The worst of all, my kids are fine with it. Daddy is just a wallet.What can I do?
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