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12 Jan

Twitching toes/migraine
Hi there, I must say that I am stone-cold terrified after a little over a month of toe twitching. I am a 52 year old female. These are involuntary movements affecting both feet, multiple toes, but especially my big and fourth toes. I have no muscle weakness. Some more background: I can see twitching on and off in the arches of my feet, and this morning I noticed some twitching in my left inner heel. Until now, the twitching had been worse on the right foot. This started about 4.5 weeks ago with a bad bout of cramping in both feet. Exercise /physical energy has not been affected. I actually had a normal neuro visit about 2 weeks in (in so far as office tests, EEG & EMG). Of course I was encouraged by the unremarkable EMG, but have recently heard that this may have been too early to diagnose A**? Which I am extremely worried about. Then to go further, I had a 3-day migraine-like headache this past weekend. I have always had period migraines, but since I went into immediate menopause (from hysterectomy then torsed ovary surgery), my migraines have changed to this dull, 1-sided ache that causes nausea and is resistant to my normal Advil. Lasts 2 days. Also, that 1 side gets very stuffed up. The bottom line is that now, in addition to A** I am convinced that the alternative is a brain tumor, after reading that brain tumor headaches present exactly this way! I have gotten these same headaches about one every 3 mos. for the last 1.5 years or so. Of course, as a lifetime migrainer, I didn't think they were so much cause for concern. I even went to the ER once, although the headache subsided when I was admitted and they dx'd me with benign positional vertigo. One thing I noticed was that in the last 2 days, (basically during the migraine), the foot twitches died down/went away while I was resting in bed! However, now that the migraine is gone, my toes/feet have been twitching all morning. It is non-stop at the moment, more than ever. I have recovered fully from migraine, just finished some exercise and physically feeling good (not mentally I guess). My big toe is moving nonstop! Is there a medical professional who might have an opinion/may have seen something like this? I am awaiting MRI's of brain/spine. All bloods normal save for higher TSH (5.08) Or, anyone who has responded before. (I just didn't want to bother the same doc's again. Thank you!
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