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22 Apr 2021

Against-the-rule Astigmatism
Good Day. Last weekend I went for an eye check up. Over the last 4 years or so I noticed that the vision from my left eye has become weaker. The Optometrist told me that I have "against-the-rule Astigmatism". Apparently elderly people develop this condition, I am only 31. I follow a well-balanced diet, maintain my weight and excersize everyday. Overall I am quite healthy but this condition worries me. The Optompetrist said I could get glasses if I wanted to, but she also said that I have to take an eye test every 6 months or so. It honestly seemed like she wasn't sure what to tell me. I can feel my eye getting weaker and now that I know there is a problem I am even more conscience about the matter. The vision in my right eye is perfect with no problems but it feels like my left eye is getting unstable, espesially on objects that are some distance away. I'm not sure what to do. I want to adress the situation now before it gets worse and I end up having to do refractive or laser surgery. Could you give me any advice? Do you think I should get glasses? Thank you in advance.
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