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15 Jun 2020

How can one wake up the body faster than ones mind from sleep?
I suffered from these feelings of evil attacks over me since I was 6. There was nothing more fearful than this experience. I tried different ways to deal with it and researched quite a bit of it while it has happening to me. It got out of control and I felt this attack some times more than once a night. I even saw things and a witness in my waking up period helped me and I was able to tell him a story he told me during the stage. My mind was fully awake which always freaked me out. The resistance during these events would make me so exhausted, that I couldn't get out of bed for work. It doesn't feel normal and the experience is intimidating and intrusive. It only recently stopped, it has been 34 years of torture. Now that I am free and have the opportunity to ask a question, I want to know what this was all about.. The proof of air being colder and thinner approaching my bed, the visions of something staring at me, the feeling of wanting to be controlled is the scariest I ever been in my life. And the worse part is, it was always three times a month, every month for those years. After my third episode, I would relax for the rest of the month until, that was taken away by the episodes in one night.. Am I crazy? Why does it happen? Am I alone in this? And why do some people not believe that this happens - and those who have gone through it, never wants to talk about it..
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