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07 Jan

Trouble sleeping
Hi, I will try to keep this short. I have always had trouble sleeping. Most of the time I get nightmares or vivid dreams or all of the nasty dreams/sensations described on the internet. I am on Dormonoct but I only take halve a tablet. This works. If I do not take it I do not sleep and the nightmares/dreams..etc. comes back. Some nights I just do not sleep at all. When something bothers me even the pill cannot make me falls asleep. None the less it works. I do not want to drink it my whole life. I have tried drinking only half one night skip one night and drink again the next night. I take it 21:30 in order to be sleeping by 10pm. (Drs orders) If you let it, it really calms your mind completely making you fall asleep within minutes. Dr said I should take 1 whole tablet but it is not necessary, for a while now at least. I have read some previous reviews here, on this drug and how to get myself off of it. Which I will try! But how do I handle the nightmares? Usually by the 3rd night I sleep for 3 nights then I lie awake again (if i'm not drinking the sleeping pill) for 3 nights. My question is how do I get rid of the nightmares/vivid dreams even when my room is cool, dark and quiet? I do not drink or smoke. I do not drink coffee/tea or cooldrink after 7pm things like that. I do not let myself watch horror movies as this will surely trigger a restless night. If something is bothering me that allows me to lie awake, I'll be either scared or sad! Thank you for your time!!