Tip of the week

Beginner Player


When putting, make sure that the back stroke and the follow through remains the same pace. It is similar to the pendulum action of a clock.
Take note: The follow through is always longer than the backstroke.

Week 2:
Do not always aim for the pin to sink the ball. Try to go for the heart of the green so that you can make a safe putt.

Week 3:
When playing the running chip, make sure the ball gets onto the green as soon as possible.

Intermediate Player

Week 1:
The best tip to help you achieve the correct set-up position is to see it! Next time you walk past a mirror or swinging a club in the back garden, check your reflection. Some times what you are doing and what you think you are doing could be two complete different things. If you can see the difference between your position and the correct position, it will greatly improve your set-up.

Week 2:
To feel the correct take-away the following drill can be practiced.
Get set up in the correct posture. Place the butt end of the club into your belly button. Extend the arms and take your grip approximately halfway down the shaft.

Now turn the body until the hands get to about waist height. If the butt end of the shaft remains in the belly button you have made the correct one-piece take-away. If the butt moves out of the belly button, try again!

Week 3:
Place a club across the back of your shoulders and hold it as if you are hanging from it. Get into the correct posture position and make a turn so that your back faces the target. This will promote the feeling of what the body does in the golf swing. Do this a couple of minutes a day to improve muscle memory and also to improve flexibility.

Week 4:
An easy way of practising the fundamentals of putting is to keep the head against the wall at home. Place the putter against the skirting board. The eyes will be directly over the ball. If you use a short putting stroke it will give you a great feel for the short putts.

Week 5:
A good tip for bunker play is to imagine the ball lying on top of a hundred rand note in the bunker. The objective is to hit the note out of the bunker. This tip will help you hit the sand 2 or 3 inches behind the ball and then taking out a thin layer of sand, which will propel the ball out of the bunker.

Advanced Player


Week 1
A great way to create more control is to grip the club shorter. This will promote a shorter and more controlled swing. On the tee, you can also tee the ball a little lower to promote less carry, which will also promote the control on the shot.

Playing from outside the teeing ground:
In Match Play, if a player tees off from outside the teeing ground, the opponent van cancel that stroke. Another shot must be played from inside the teeing ground, without penalty.

In stroke play, the player will incur a two-stroke penalty and will have to replay another ball form the correct teeing ground. If the player does not correct his fault before getting to the next tee or before leaving the last green, he shall be disqualified.

Week 2:
A good way of checking the correct take away is to place a tee about a grips length behind the ball.
On your take away, you want to touch the tee with the club. This will promote a one-piece take away were you use the shoulders to initiate the swing.

Week 3:
A good tip to try out at home. Stand with your backside against the wall and make a swing without a club. If your hands touch the wall the swing is to flat. If you fall forward the swing is to upright. The hands should be above the right shoulder.

Week 4:

Imagine the old days getting a lashing from the headmaster. Turn your club upside down. Swing the club as hard as you can, making a loud whoosh! That noise that you are creating is club head speed, which will make the ball go further when you swing the club properly.

Week 5:
The short game requires good feel for distances. When you practice your chipping, take 10 balls and hit shots from a variety of positions and lies. Also, experiment with a ball with a softer cover. A softer covered ball will be ideal if you need more feel around the greens.

Week 6:
To improve your feel on the greens practice your putting with your eyes closed. After you have stroked the putt, open your eyes to see where the putt finished. This tip will help you create more awareness of feel.

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