15 weirdest stories on Health24 in 2017

Let's take a look at the top 15 weirdest stories that made the news in 2017. Highlighting the content that made you squirm and gasp in disbelief – we have it all. 

Be warned, some of the content is graphic!  

1. This woman has the world's longest fingernails

Would you take up the challenge to grow your nails for more than 20 years?


2. Rare condition makes 5-year-old boy 'look 9 months pregnant'

Mckenzie Watson's family initially thought he was just getting fatter, but his mom knew something wasn't right when her son looked nine months pregnant and about to pop.

fat belly,boy

3. Rush for 'Barbie' vagina has experts stunned

'Labiaplasty' usually involves trimming back the inner 'lips' or labia minora flanking the vaginal opening – in a procedure that is also known as nymphoplasty.


4. How could a five-year-old possibly fall pregnant?

Most children experience puberty during their late tween or early teen years, but what do you do when your toddler starts going through puberty?


5. GRAPHIC: Flesh-eating maggots dig into woman's arm

After 10 days in pain, she went to the hospital to get her sores checked out. Warning: This video might upset sensitive viewers.

maggots, injured,arm

6. Meet the boy who can’t feel pain

Could you imagine living your entire life feeling no pain at all? Meet the boy who doesn’t feel anything when he gets injured.


7. Man has bladder stone the size of an ostrich egg removed

Bladder and kidney stones can affect anyone, but what would you do if you were carrying a bladder stone as big as an ostrich egg?


8. SEE: Meet the man with the largest number of teeth in the world

Vijay Kumar from India has 37 teeth in his mouth – five more than the average person.


9. This 2-year-old 'Hulk girl' has a 3kg arm

The toddler struggles to walk or even stand up straight.


10. SEE: Eating snot is good for your child 

You might think eating boogers is disgusting, but there are surprising health benefits...


11. SEE: Why people are freaking out about pictures of holes

For trypophobes, the sight of clusters of holes arranged in different formations can cause intense psychological or even physical reactions.


12. 2-year-old girl with Alzheimer's may soon forget her parents

Marian McGlocklin's parents noticed something wasn't right with their little girl, but they never suspected it could be a form of Alzheimer's.


13. GRAPHIC: Beware of this flesh-eating superbug

We don't want to alarm you, but this bacterium can enter your body through even the smallest wound. Not for sensitive viewers.

bug,flesh eating,man

14. Meet the man who can't stop laughing once he starts

What would you do if you had a fit of laughter at a funeral and couldn't contain your hysterical laughter?


15. The town where you cannot be buried

If you wish to stay in this town, be warned that death takes a different course.

mortuary,dead bodies

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