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Health24 user Aurelie Lemiere shares her experience of teaching Brain Gym to children.

On the 16th of July 2012, I decided to get away to a small town called McGregor again for a second time to visit a mom’s friend and to meditate in a beautiful retreat centre. It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful and sunny winter’s day with spectacular views of the mountains.

As I arrived in Mc Gregor, my “soon-to-be” friend was not answering the door; I presumed she was having a nap after a long day of teaching, so I began to meditate in one of the special temples of the retreat centre. There was a Qi Gong meditation just about to start there at the precise time that I entered the temple. I was meant to attend to it, followed by a silent meditation where I stayed a bit longer than everyone else to create peace and harmony within myself. After easily finding my way out of this peaceful and quiet place in the darkness of that gentle night, I went to see if my friend was awake. And happily, she was. It was time for a great talk and getting to know one another during my second encounter with this wonderful lady who was also a full time teacher at a school in that pretty little town. We spent a wonderful evening in deep conversations.

The second day in McGregor, I had planned to go and visit my new friend’s classroom to say hello to her students to introduce them to some Brain Gym Movements from the Brain Gym Program to get them ready to learn and also to get them relaxed for their learning activities. We had a wonderful and fun time. We all enjoyed it very much. They recited beautiful poems to me and sang a few songs with love from the bottom of their heart. It was such a special time for me in a very special place! I was grateful for their kindness and pure love at that moment.

That morning, during the Brain Gym relaxation movement, as we were calming ourselves through peaceful music, a little girl collapsed on the floor because of deep emotional issues and traumas that she was dealing with every day. She was going through the start of a healing process with this simple relaxing movement, as she started crying and I told her that it was ok and that she needed this process. I told her she could stay there lying on the floor as long as she needed it. We brought her a cushion to rest her head for comfort and a blanket to cover her fragile little body. I suggested her to try a Brain Gym breathing exercise with me to help her with releasing these deep negative emotions and traumas. It helped her. She started talking to me, telling me what was happening in her life. She confided that her mom was hitting her all the time and that her dad didn’t love her. What a heavy burden and revelation it was!

I told her that I understood exactly how she felt as I used to be hit as well as a child. I did some healing on her as long as I could. I explained to her that it was important to have love for herself and to love herself as we are the only ones that can give true and unconditional love to ourselves and she seemed to understand me as she nodded her head listening to me and looking at me with her beautiful brown eyes. I asked her to repeat after me: “I love myself” a few times and to forgive others such as our parents, our family from the pains and aches they cause or give us as it is the only way to heal ourselves completely. She repeated a few times: “I love myself” in her crying traumatised voice. I was so proud of her. She was only six years old but already understood the strong meaning of these words. This little girl really touched my heart as I could understand, notice, imagine this enduring constant pain. Her body was covered with marks, lumps, eczema… I could almost feel all her pain, stress and hurts that she was dealing with on a daily basis. Sadly, it was time for her to go home; the school bus was waiting for her. She was the last passenger to go on the bus that day. I wish I could have protected her and given her more love and comfort which was the only thing that she desperately needed as a young child. I hugged her, said goodbye reminding her to love herself and to forgive and to also be strong which is something I usually say to a dear adult friend who is suffering from a loss  or struggling with life but not to such a young child.

Unfortunately, I knew she wasn’t the only child to deal with this violent, unloved, uncared for and painful home environment. Truthfully, there are too many children enduring this disrespectful mistreatment whom have ignorant parents unable to consider the deep traumatising consequences of their behaviour and actions on their children. I feel it is our duty as adults to change that and to show children the correct education model so that these children can feel safe and happy in order for them to love themselves even if it’s not what they learn or what is shown to them at home. I believe that the Brain Gym program can contribute to better this situation and that natural healing therapies and whole brain learning integration techniques such as Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology have been created to help us to heal ourselves, to help us deal with our life challenges in an easier way and especially to become better human beings who love ourselves.

We have the power to shift our fears and pains into love for a better society and a better world. So get ready to learn and empower yourself with Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology to become the person you want to be: A better person filled with love.Making a life change is scary. However regret is even scarier.

All great changes are preceded by chaos. I know this from my life experiences. I believe in good people and in love.
“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”.
“Love alone is what gives value to all things” as Therese of Avila cited, therefore, we should cherish ourselves first then others with letting go of our ego in order to reach true unconditional love.
Face your problems and your issues instead of running away from them because eventually they will come back to you emphasized or worst. That is why it is better to find solutions and deal with these issues in order to become a better person. Don’t bring your own issues on others or on your children, be responsible for them and assume the consequences of your own actions.

Aurelie will be at the Earthdance Festival to do a talk about Brain Gym/Edu-K in Worcester on the 22nd of September 2012.

Read more on Aurelie's blog: Welcome to Brain Gym.

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