Five succulents that are completely safe for your pets

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2. Zebra plant (Haworthia) isamini succulent with spiky dark green leaves, spotted with white dots that appear as stripes, hence its common name. While they thrive in bright light, they also tolerate low light conditions or areas with indirect light. Water every two to three weeks when the soil is dry. As décor plants, they look good planted individually in glass or porcelain containers.

3. Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) produces bright pink, red or purple flowers at the end of each drooping stem. They show off best in a hanging basket or placed high up so that the stems cascade downwards. Even though they are succulents, they need evenly moist soil when in flower and a humid environment. They like good direct light or filtered morning sun. Feed with a liquid fertiliser every two weeks once the buds form.

4. Sempervivum has shallow roots so it can be grown in shallow containers, in vertical planters, even on pieces of driftwood. It just needs some space for the offsets to grow. It is particularly attractive as an indoor plant because it forms tight rosettes. It needs bright indoor light and minimal watering.

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