Days of our Lives 27 May - 7 June

27 – 31 May

Chloe's on the phone leaving a message for Nicole about how right she was that once she marries Daniel there's nothing Carly can do. Melanie walks in and demands to know what kind of games Chloe's playing with her father.

Melanie softens to Chloe when Chloe mentions that her foster parents threw her out when she was young. Maxine tells Carly that Daniel and Chloe are preparing to marry.

As the Justice of the Peace is starting the ceremony, Maxine enters and tells them there's an urgent call for the Justice. Carly then enters and tells Chloe that this time she's going to say what needs to be said.

Madeline demands that the contents of her box are returned and Stefano agrees. Kate looks at the piece of paper she's found among Madeline's things and figures Stefano couldn't know about whatever is on the paper.

Madeline runs into Chad and begins grilling him about his future plans. Chad tells her that he's going to Salem University - amazingly Madeline says she likes the idea of Chad being closer to home. Later, Madeline shows up at Maggie's to talk to Mia.

Lucas uses Alice's feelings about the DiMera's to tempt Will to change his mind about living at the mansion. Jennifer tells the family that Mike's flight has been delayed. Laura comforts Jennifer as she looks at a scrapbook she never finished for Alice. The ladies prepare to make Alice's famous donuts.

Kayla's talking with Caroline about hoping to come home soon for a happier occasion. Nathan overhears and wonders what she means. Stephanie jumps in and covers for her mother. The Horton clan ends up at the Pub where they finish the scrapbook.

Arianna apologizes to Brady for not believing him when he said he didn't drink or do drugs. Nicole tells Brady that she's worried about her job.

Brady tries to get Nicole to do a piece on the muggings but she tells him that her boss is not allowing any reporting on the subject. E.J. catches Nicole trying to do a piece on Alice Horton.

Carly barges into Chloe and Daniel's wedding with an important announcement. Once Philip and Melanie leave, Carly makes her announcement but it's not about her cheating but that Chloe is pregnant. Daniel runs off to find a doctor to do an ultrasound.

Chloe accuses Carly of using her hysterical pregnancy against her by creating a new one. Carly insists she's telling the truth.

Carly ends up doing the ultrasound and Chloe is shocked when Daniel tells her to look at the screen because she is indeed pregnant.

Lexie goes to check on a patient and is surprised to find Mike Horton who's been in a car accident trying to get to Alice's. Jennifer's frantic when Mike doesn't show up but soon gets a call from Lexie with the news.

Will opens the door at the DiMera mansion to find Carrie. Sami and Carrie reunite and all is forgiven over their past. Carrie even apologizes for her mother, Anna stealing Sydney.

Madeline gives Mia a letter telling her she's been accepted to the High School of the Performing Arts. Mia never applied but Madeline worked her magic to get her in. Mia ends up deciding that she can't pass up the opportunity and says goodbye to Will and Sami thanking them for their support.

Carrie ends up at the hospital and visits Mike. Jennifer arrives and is glad Mike is okay. Mike tells Lexie that he has to get to Alice as soon as possible. Jennifer arrives home hollering for her parents but Maggie comes downstairs crying and tells Jennifer that Alice has just passed away.

Jennifer makes a call to the reverend and finds out that Alice had planned her funeral after Mickey passed away. Kayla arrives at Bo's with Kimberly. Kimberly tells Bo and Kayla that Shane has disappeared and hasn't made any contact with her or their children. When Bo mentions making a call to Carly, Kayla goes off on him.

Hope seeks comfort from her dad who tells her that things may be swinging back in her favor for getting Bo back. Shane informs Rafe on the plane that Alice has died. Sami swears revenge on Anna to Carrie and then apologizes but Carrie doesn't condone what her mother did by kidnapping Sydney.

Lucas talks with Kate about Allie coming back to Salem for good. Will overhears Lucas and Kate's conversation. Lucas invites Will to stay with him in Hong Kong but Will doesn't want to change schools.

Abe drops by the Horton's to give his well wishes and remembers when he had to arrest Alice. Bill drops by Maggie's and she immediately gets defensive about everyone checking up on her. Bill tells Maggie that both Alice and Mickey wanted him to look out for her.

Bill and Jennifer have to tell Mike that Alice has died. Mike's further upset when Lexie tells him that he can't be released from the hospital since this spleen burst and they need to continue monitoring him.

Mike has an outburst but realizes he has upset Jennifer and the two hug. Carrie tells Sami she needs to choose between E.J. and Rafe. Kayla and Bo argue over his relationship with Carly.

Adrienne runs into Justin on the docks and she is surprised when he tells her that he hasn't seen Hope in a few days. Later, Kayla joins up with them and Adrienne realizes Stephanie hasn't told her about the birth control pills.

After the church service, the Horton's and Brady's gather for a graveside service where all of Alice's loved ones say their goodbyes. Sami is unable to attend the graveside service because Kate calls and tells her Johnny is sick. Sami answers the door and is surprised to find Rafe.

Mike has a private moment in his hospital room for his grandmother. Shane arrives at the service and finds Kimberly but Kimberly doesn't want to talk to him and runs off.

Nathan finds a tape at Alice's that's labeled "Special Day" and they all sit down to watch it. It's Tom and Alice's second wedding ceremony. Mike has his own private moment after he leaves his hospital bed.

Madeline thinks she's kept her secret from Stefano but it appears Kate knows everything by what she found in the safety deposit box.

Hope overhears Ciara telling Theo that she saw Hope hugging a strange man. Hope scolds Ciara for lying. Kimberly yells at Shane for not being there for her when she had cancer. Shane tells her that he was in prison but Kimberly notes that he made his choice when he takes off on his missions.

Sami tells Rafe that she missed him and has to explain why she's living at the DiMera mansion.

3 – 7 June

E.J. catches Sami and Rafe kissing. Rafe is not happy when Sami makes up excuses to stay at the DiMera mansion. Rafe goes to visit Arianna at the prison. Daniel tells Chloe she is about two months along. Chloe realizes that the baby could be Philip's.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she is worried Philip has done something that will cause Melanie to run back to Nathan. Kayla confronts Philip about turning his back on his son, Pocket. Melanie walks in at the end of their conversation. Carly seeks advice from Jennifer. Jennifer has a private moment at Alice's grave. Kate and Madeline continue their conversation. Kate apologizes for dragging Madeline into the whole hooker business years ago.

Shane tells Kimberly he is leaving the ISA. Philip explains to Melanie that he let a great family raise his son. Nicole visits Chloe as she is getting ready to leave the hospital and finds out she didn't marry Daniel yet. Nicole is coming up with a plan when Daniel walks in and nearly overhears that Chloe slept with someone else. E.J. declares his love to Sami. Nicole calls Dr. Baker and threatens him to be careful when Rafe walks up behind her.

Arianna finally has her arraignment hearing and is granted bail which E.J. pays. Will overhears Madeline talking to Kate about being a former hooker. Brady hires a private investigator to look into the muggings and clear Arianna. Rafe nearly catches Nicole on the phone admitting to setting up Arianna. Shane and Kimberly leave Salem together.

Chad attacks Sami's character and Will tells Chad that at least his mother is not a whore. Chad and Will get into a fight before being broken up by a cop.

Chad meets up with Madeline and quizzes her on how she put herself through law school. Caroline doesn't like that Sami is planning a picnic with E.J. Hope returns to her odd behavior.

Ciara tells Justin that Hope had his wallet along with a bunch of others. Justin goes to talk to Hope about what Ciara told him. Hope distracts Justin by kissing him and Adrienne catches them in a hug after Ciara told her that Justin was upstairs with Hope.

Stefano tells Nicole she has two options, either leave town or go back to prison. Nicole decides to break into the DiMera mansion.

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