Days of our Lives 9 – 19 July

9 – 12 July

E.J. proposes to Sami but she says no because she still has feelings for Rafe. E.J. doesn't care and says they can get past all that. Johnny interrupts them and asks if they will be getting married.

Nicole hires someone to scare Dr. Baker into leaving town. Brady and Nicole have sex. Rafe finds an envelope in Fay's locker. Justin calls Bo to talk about Hope and they meet up at the Pub.

Justin expresses his concerns over Hope - that she is acting like two different people. Hope calls Bo and asks him to come to the house. Maggie is sick of Vivian accusing her of going after Victor and throws her out of the house.

Bo is able to fend off Hope. Bo soon realizes that this isn't "Hope" he's talking to and he handcuffs her to a chair. Hope angrily talks about Bo leaving her and says she couldn't let Ciara continue to be hurt by Bo moving on right in front of them.

Bo finds the sleeping pills in Hope's bag and calls Carly and asks what medication was found in his system. Carly tells him it is a sleeping pill and Bo questions what could happen to a person who took the pills.

Carly tells him that some people, especially women, have experienced bizarre sleep walking incidents.

Nicole has to leave Brady when Dr. Baker calls her, telling her he has been arrested after a cop saw him making a gambling transaction.

Carly takes a mouth swab from Daniel telling him it is for a study but he suspects she's worried about Melanie. In reality it's so she can run a paternity test for Chloe. Fay gives Rafe a broken disc that Nicole sent her.

Hope wakes up confused as to why she is asleep on Bo's couch. Bo shows her the taped confession and explains that the sleeping pills caused her to do everything. Hope is devastated by the revelations.

Dr. Baker is still in custody when Roman gets a sketch of the man who brought the supplies to kill Bo and realizes it is Dr. Baker.

Brady gets a call while at Nicole's hotel room from a bank questioning a large sum of money deposited in Nicole's account.

When Nicole gets back, Brady questions her but she continues to make up excuses and they make love again. After, Nicole realizes Brady is being very distant and he promises that it's the last time they will ever have sex.

Daniel gets a call that his appointment was canceled and he wants Chloe to cancel her plans as well. Daniel's appointment ends up not being canceled and he heads off to meet with Melanie.

Carly brings Chloe to St. Anne's and she goes by the name Dana Scott. Sister Anne notes that the hospital has some new nurses and things have been out of order.

Daniel and Melanie arrive at St. Anne's, where Daniel gets his consultation with a burn victim named Donna Scott. Sister Anne directs Daniel to a room with a curtain which just happens to be Chloe's room.

Melanie runs into Carly in the hospital lobby. Stephanie tells Adrienne about finding a picture of Nathan and Melanie. Adrienne notes that Stephanie probably has pictures of Philip.

Hope insists that she has to turn herself in to the police. Ciara returns home and Hope apologizes for not believing her about the wallets and everything else.

Ciara clings to Hope when she realizes Hope may not be coming back anytime soon. Julie arrives to look after Ciara and tries to get Bo and Hope to talk things out. Julie doesn't realize that there's something bigger going on.

Brady confronts Nicole with the money transfer and demands that she tell the police.

Chloe is able to hold the curtain to stop Daniel from seeing her. Daniel thinks his burn victim is nervous and he starts talking about family and even tries to call Chloe.

Carly soon figures out that the hospital has made another mistake with their patients when she finds out Daniel's patient has a similar one to Chloe's fake name.

Carly stops Daniel from pulling back the curtain and explains the woman is her patient and she doesn't know a lot of English. Later, Daniel insists upon apologizing to Carly's patient. Roman arrests Dr. Baker.

15 – 19 July

Carly is able to stop Daniel from pulling back the curtain and makes up yet another excuse that the woman behind the curtain is Middle Eastern.

Sister Anne offers Melanie a job at St. Mary's when she finishes nursing school but Melanie says she hopes to work with her parents.

Chloe is on her way out of the hospital when she thinks she forgot her phone and she ends up running into Daniel. Daniel questions how Chloe knew he was there but she says she called the hospital and got his schedule.

Caroline shows up at Bo's and finds Doug and Julie. Doug and Julie tell her that Bo and Hope took off and something was up that they weren't telling them. Caroline tells them that she sensed tension between Bo, Hope and Carly a few days ago.

Hope and Bo enter the police station and Dr. Baker calls out Hope's name. Dr. Baker covers saying Hope ran into him and questioned him about the muggings.

Roman is confused when Hope confesses to the muggings. Bo shows Roman the taped confession. Hope can't bear what she has done but Roman forgives her.

Brady is sick of Nicole's lies and leaves her crying in her hotel room.

Roman informs Sami that Dr. Baker and Hope have been arrested for the muggings and Bo's attempted murder.

Sami is shocked about Hope and that Dr. Baker is alive. E.J. confronts Dr. Baker at the police station and Dr. Baker tells E.J. he knows that E.J. was behind the kidnapping of Sydney. Sami shows up at the station prepared to lay into Dr. Baker.

Arianna catches Brady drinking at the Brady Pub. Brady tells Arianna that they arrested Hope for the muggings. Melanie shows up to see that Brady is drinking.

Carly returns to Bo's house to find Julie who doesn't know what is going on with Bo and Hope. Carly heads to the police station where she is informed of everything that went down with Hope.

Hope tells Justin that she doesn't want a lawyer and is planning on pleading guilty. Julie and Doug wonder what they are supposed to tell Ciara about Hope.

Chad continues to ask Stefano questions about his connection to his mother. Will runs into Chad and tells him about his internship with DiMera Enterprises. Will wants Chad to help out with his project.

When Will meets with Stefano he informs him that he could use Chad's help but Stefano doesn't think it is a good idea to involve the D.A.'s son in DiMera Enterprises.

Sami finally answers E.J.'s proposal question with a yes. Later, Rafe overhears E.J. on the phone with Stefano informing him that he and Sami are engaged.

Arianna confronts Hope about setting her up to take the fall for the muggings. Arianna doesn't believe that the pills caused Hope to mug people. Doug visits Hope and tells her that the recent happenings don't take away from the person she was before the pills.

Chad's father tells him that he won't be able to drop him off at school and tells him that going away to college is up to him. Kate and Chad have another visit.

Abe tries to convince Hope not to give up so easily. Abe tells Hope that she is failing Ciara by not getting a lawyer and pleading guilty. Lexie walks in and tells Abe to stop.

Later, Abe and Lexie bring Ciara to the beach with Theo and they agree they have to be there for Ciara during this whole mess.

Sami tells Will that she is engaged to E.J. Will doesn't seem excited by the news. Rafe takes his frustrations out on a punching bag after overhearing E.J. talking about his engagement to Sami.

Rafe runs into Sami and sarcastically congratulates her. Sami tracks Rafe down at the locker room and the two get into before Rafe grabs her and kisses her.

Victor offers financial help to Bo for Hope's lawyer and Bo angrily says no but apologizes for being abrupt. E.J. pulls strings with someone at the police station to talk to Hope.

Bo arrives as E.J. is lashing out at Hope and demands he leave. Vivian’s anger increases when she finds Maggie and Victor together again.

Rafe and Sami continue to make out in the locker room before Rafe pulls away.

Stephanie becomes upset when she catches Nathan hugging Melanie in Maggie's kitchen. Adrienne tries to calm Stephanie down but Stephanie goes off and breaks into Chloe and Daniel's apartment because she knows something is going on between Chloe and Philip.

Nicole and Rafe drink over their miseries at the Cheatin' Heart.

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