District Six Museum’s Tafel Conversations Supper Club

Gooi ‘n tafel!

District Six Museum, a memorial to the thousands of people who were forcibly removed from the area during apartheid, is hosting its monthly Tafel Conversations and Supper Club eventon  this evening at 18h00.


The phrase ‘gooi ‘n tafel’ is a familiar one to the occupants of District Six, and refers to the tables that were laid out by families in the area for celebratory occasions. The table is a sentimental symbol for the former residents, representing the coming together of a community and the collective sharing of food - and stories - around a common space. This is called ‘kanala’.


Each dinner event features a well-known storyteller with a significant link to District Six specifically or the city in general, who will share a personal story with the other guests. The storyteller chooses a traditional dish which forms the main part of the guests’ supper. The evening culminates in dessert, coffee and maybe even some singing, as guests experience the spirit of community and camaraderie so abundant in the former District Six.


George Hallett is this month's storyteller. Guests will feast on Hallett’s traditional dish of choice: Snoek curry or dhal served with rice for the main course, boeber or sweet potato pudding with custard for dessert and koesisters to end off the evening. A limited number of places are available at R150.00 per person and R75 for children – please contact (reception@districtsix.co.za) or call 021 4667200 to make your reservation.