HELP: "My hubby and I stopped bonking two years ago"

Anonymous from Rustenburg writes: 

I’m a 36-year-old married

woman with three children.

My problem is I need a man who

will love me as I don’t get enough

attention from my husband.

We have not had sex since two

years ago. I feel very lonely.

Dr Eve answers:

It must surely be a lonely

experience for you. I am

sure you have tried to

talk to him and perhaps you are

frustrated that you have not got

any change from him. After so

long without intimacy it will be

difficult to begin again.

Your solution to find another

man is absolutely your choice.

It tells me how desperate you

feel, but remember cheating

never solves problems and can

even make problems worse.

I would prefer that you let

your man know how desperate

you feel or go for professional

counselling to see if there is

another way to manage your

painful feelings.