HELP: "‘My wife is never in the mood for bonking and takes long to orgasm"

Anonymous from Emalahleni writes:

I’m a 42-year-old man and

my wife never feels like having

sex and it takes about 25 minutes

for her to reach an orgasm. Is

there something wrong with her?

Please help us put the spark back

in our relationship.

Dr Eve answers:

Women need a lot of things

to happen to get them in

the mood for sex. Is your

relationship good? Is there trust,

care and kindness? Is she angry

with you? Is she tired, depressed

or stressed? Does she enjoy sex

when it happens?

Do you know what she enjoys

sexually? These are some of the

important questions you need to

ask her. And yes, it takes women

up to 20 to 30 minutes to have

a clitoral orgasm, so enjoy your

time pleasuring her. Pointing

fingers will only make her more

withdrawn. Ask yourself how you

can make sex more fun for her