Melo releases inspirational single to kick start the year

In just just a few days, Motswako Soul artist Melo, full name Tumelo Mthethwa, will be releasing an inspirational single titled Naledi on Friday, February 3.

Melo is looking forward to giving the world a taste of her smooth, melo, melodic and unique sound.


It is this unique sound that comes across in her inspirational single Naledi.

Naledi is Setswana and means star.

What better way to kick start the new year than with a bit of inspiration and encouragement in song.

“The song is meant to remind each person that they are a star, created to find their purpose and shine bright,” said Melo.

“People seldom reach their highest potential because they either give up on their dreams or they are too afraid to even take the first step towards their dream, Naledi is just a reminder that we each have a dream that we need to protect and succeed in achieving,” added Melo.

Naledi is sure to set you on a journey of self-realization, self-love and self-motivation.

Melo released her first single titled Thato, a glamorous township tale of love in 2014.

It is her quirky and soulful sound that makes her stand out.

Her music, which she has termed Motswako Soul – is a combination of Setswana and English lyrical poetry on a soulful-jazzy melody.

Born in Mafikeng, she is not only a singer, but also a pianist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and songwriter.

Over the years she has evolved, using various stage names, today you can just call her……. Melo.

Her ability to play the piano while singing adds a distinct touch and flavor that makes up the ‘Melo’ brand and image.

Melo has a five piece band which includes three members from the talented group Jazz Meloz