Nurture thy natural hair

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Noxolo Knoxy Mthembu shares her hair journey with us and reveals some tips which managed to keep her natural hair looking great.

1) Can you define natural hair?

How I define my hair is how I define myself...As u can see my hair is as Rich as I am in heart, Strong as I am in body, Big as my personality, Black as my Skin and Unique as I am ...Lol so My hair resembles Me!

2) Can chemically treated hair be defined as natural hair?

No, Natural hair is hair whose texture hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners including relaxers and texturizers

3) Is natural hair expensive to maintain?

No, based on my experience my groceries serve two purposes. I eat them and I know my hair eat as well, so I utilise my fridge and contents for deep conditioning like eggs, mayonnaise, banana, avocado, sour cream /Greek yoghurt and apple cider vinegar etc.

4) Does natural have sufficient moisture as chemically treated hair?

No, Natural hair is dry just like a garden it needs to be watered for the plants to grow. The same applies to natural hair, it needs to be moisturised for it to grow healthy and strong

5) How many times do I wash my hair a week?

I only wash my hair once a week

6) How much product do I use to moisturise my natural hair?

I don't use much I just use enough to keep my scalp moisturised

7) What type of treatments do I need for my natural hair?

I use a deep neutralising clean shampoo, Anti-dandruff baobab control for my scalp and creme butter for moisturising.

8) Is excessive combing damaging to my natural hair?

No, excessive combing is what keeps my scalp awake at all times and it’s what stretches my hair to be long

9) Do I need precautionary/ protective measure when sleeping i.e sleeping cap or silk cap?

Yes, to keep the moisture you need to cover your hair at night

10) Can I use both natural hair products and normal hair products at the same time?

No, that can cause breakage to your hair

11) How much damage does heat cause to my natural hair?

Heat equals damage but usually isn't the case. Your hair can withstand a temperature of 450F before burning or becoming damaged .simply using heat does not automatically mean that your hair is or will become damaged.  In most cases, healthy hair will only experience heat damage with the excessive use of heat or using heat appliances at temperatures of 450F or more.

12) Are there heat defensive products for natural hair?

Yes, there are natural oils that act like silicones and will protect the hair from heat

13) What is the appropriate age to start using chemicals/ products on kids?

Don’t relax the hair of children under the age of 12. The chemicals in relaxers are damaging to your child's hair and scalp.

14) What products are available for eczema/ sensitive scalp?

Water can be one of the best forms of eczema therapy but only if you wash your hair properly using the Neutralising clean shampoo with Baobab and Macadamia.

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