Son kills and buries his mother in shack

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A MOTHER’S love for her nyaope addicted son was unconditional, but sadly, she met her death at his hands. Gogo Cecelia Ntelele (72) went missing for more than a month and it was only her son, Molefi Ntelele (46) who knew of her whereabouts. Gogo Cecelia’s distraught niece, Thenjiwe Rapoo (40) tells Move! that the family is still shocked and traumatised by the discovery of Gogo’s body in Molefi’s shack in Finetown, south of Joburg.


Thenjiwe says when it was discovered that Gogo Cecelia was missing, they asked questions about her whereabouts and were told by Molefi that she went to Bloemfontein with a relative named Thabo. “We grew suspicious because we don’t have such a relative in the family. What concerned us more was when Molefi kept asking his daughter, Keke, to give him with the pin code of my aunt’s Sassa card. All of this didn’t make sense,” she says. She says it also didn’t make sense that her aunt would leave with a stranger and leave her clothes and crutches behind. “The family started panicking and Molefi couldn’t provide any accurate answers,” says Thenjiwe.


Thenjiwe says there was something unsettling about the whole situation and what alerted them something could be wrong was a foul smell in Molefi’s shack. The family called the police and when the police searched the shack, they found a heap of soil under a sofa, which was covered with a mat. This is where the foul smell came from. “I never thought that the smell would come from my aunt’s body, which was buried in a shallow grave. At first when the police questioned Molefi about the foul smell, he failed to give them an explanation. But after they dug up the body, he confessed that he had killed and buried his mother there. What he has done is cruel,” says Thenjiwe. A neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, claims that Molefi had asked one of his neighbours to borrow him a pickaxe as he wanted to use it. “He claimed he was going to use it to dig a trench in his yard as the rain water was filling the place. We later found out that he killed his mother and just knew that he used the pickaxe to dig the shallow grave,” says the neighbour. The neighbour says he was shocked that Molefi could continue eating and sleeping in the two-roomed shack as if everything was normal while his mother was lying in the shallow grave. “What kind of person eats and sleeps with a dead body in the house? Clearly he is mentally disturbed. When he was asked about what he did, he was very calm and showed no sign of regret or remorse.”


Move! understands that Molefi used a hammer to clobber his defenceless mother to death. “This is not the first time he attacked his mother. He was arrested last year after he raped his mother and poured her with boiling water. Molefi takes drugs and smokes crack, cocaine and nyaope. When he is around people in the neighbourhood, he is sweet, but changes as soon as he smokes,” says the neighbour. “He was abusive to his mother. She used to tell us how he beat her up and demanded sex from her, but she said she was scared to report him to the police as he vowed to kill her if she said anything about what he did to her.” 


It is alleged that a day before the discovery of gogo Cecelia’s remains, Molefi rented out gogo’s RDP house, which is in the same yard as his shack, to strangers.  “Molefi brought people to live in my aunt’s house. We asked them who gave them permission to live there and they said it was Molefi. We told them that she was missing and they left on the day my aunt was discovered buried in the shack,” she says. Thenjiwe says gogo Cecelia loved Molefi in a big way. “She used to live in Magson Manor, across the Golden Highway, with her daughter and would come to Finetown to check on Molefi as he used to get sick a lot, but now he killed her,” says Thenjiwe, adding that the family is still trying to come to terms with what happened.   


Soweto West Cluster police spokesperson, Sergeant Vincent Mashiteng says Molefi was arrested and is facing charges of murder. “On 19 February, we arrested a 46-year-old man for the murder of a 72-year-old woman in Finetown. A murder weapon was taken by the police and a case of murder was opened at the Ennerdale police station,” says Sergeant Vincent. At the time of going to print, Molefi had made his first appearance in court and his case was postponed to a later date.