T'bo Touch's R28 million radio revamp

Radio mogul T’bo Touch coughed up a whopping R28 million to relaunch his online radio station and has even changed its name from Touch Central to Touch HD.

The online radio was launched late last year with the promise to transform radio as we know it.

Touch ensured innovation and announced that he had relaunched the online radio station to Touch HD as major changes will happen to its line-up and platforms it broadcasts on.

“Digital radio lends itself the opportunity of being disruptive through innovation. The new station is being true to its roots‚ vision and mission of innovation and disruption through the changes being introduced‚ Touch said.

He will announce more changes at an event later this month but also hinted he will launch a TV channel sometime this year.

“I am working some people who we will travel to Los Angeles for the show and for some partnerships there. On the channel we will have three big local shows. I want to shoot a show that will give excellent actors and actresses that platform to show off their talent‚” Touch told Drum in an interview this week.