WHAT I LEARNT FROM A DUCK: Strategies Of Being Shockingly Effective

The Duck Versus The Eagle: Understanding Your Purpose

Ducks are born with webbed feet that act as paddles, which assist them to swim fast. An eagle with all its great strengths and abilities cannot do some of the amazing and spectacular things that a duck can do. My fellow ducks, we can’t retreat from our greatness because we are intimidated by the superior flights of eagles, we can be spectacular in our swimming. We can be icons in our own fields, masters of our craft and titans of our generation! We marvel at the extraordinary soaring abilities of an eagle and forget that our own special swimming abilities (unique gifts) can be equally effective and spectacular if we spend our time focusing on refining them.

Shouldn’t Miss Duck spend her time refining her swimming skills, instead of poking her nose on the eagle’s business? The duck should focus on mastering the art of swimming, rather than spending time worrying about the eagle’s flying abilities or trying to engage in athletics competitions with the speedy ostriches. Most people spend most of their time, energy and resources on things that have got nothing to do with their unique skills or purpose.

To advance in your field, there is a need to make a deliberate thorough analysis of your strengths and weaknesses; and then spend your energy, resources and time polishing your gifts. How unfortunate is it for ducks that spend all their resources, time and energies trying to outclass eagles in flying competitions or frustratingly trailing behind the speedy ostriches in athletics competitions, instead of effectively swimming and crushing in the Indian Ocean?

  1. A Duck’s Search For Fresh Water: Unleash Your Creativity

A hen-duck leads her ducklings up to more than half a mile or more over land after hatching in order to find a suitable water source for swimming and feeding. Dare to be different.  If you are doing what someone else is doing, exactly the way he is doing it, how then is your existence really a necessity? You were brought into this world to do things in a way no one else can do.

This world has less respect for photocopies.  Great businesses, careers and legacies are build by those who dare to be different; yes, those who always seek for new ways of doing things, new strategies and insights of being more effective.  Ducks travels long distances with her young one, in pursuit of fresh water sources. Shouldn’t we put any extra effort as well in finding suitable fresh ideas to sustain our dream? We need to feed our vision with fresh effective ideas in this dynamic world we live in.

What I Learnt From A Duck is a book different from anything you have ever read, it will prickle you until you shake-up to be the best version of yourself.

Written by Mthokozisi Gwizi    (author, accredited facilitator, award-winning motivational speaker & teacher).

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