5 things you need to know about Zoë Modiga’s time in lockdown

Musician Zoë Modiga
Musician Zoë Modiga
Zoë Modiga/Instagram

Other than oozing black girl magic, Zoë Modiga is a vocal powerhouse who’s made a splash on the music scene.

The star describes herself as an artist who represents the present and future of South African music. Drawing from African storytelling, jazz composition and Motown soul, she creates a unique sound that communicates the evolving African sound without losing its essence.

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Zoë tells Move! what life has been like for her off the stage and inside her home during lockdown. We were excited to hear the answers to some fun questions, and we’re sure you’d like to know too:

Five lockdown essentials? Time alone, being kind to myself, YouTube vloggers, taking it one day at a time and the privilege of Wi-Fi.

What did you cook during lockdown? Three of the yummiest meals I made during this period at home is amagwinya, scones and vegetarian meals.

Aside from your loved ones, what helped you get through this period? I found that interacting with fellow art practitioners and having time alone helped a lot.

Anything on your watchlist? I did not watch any series, but I did enjoy lots of YouTube vloggers and videos.

The one thing you’ll miss about lockdown when it’s over? I don’t see myself missing lockdown!