Actress Ayanda Borotho gets candid about her lockdown struggles


Actress Ayanda Borotho is counting down to the end of the month, the official date for the lockdown to be lifted.

Just like the rest of the country, Ayanda has had it with self-isolation.

She took to Instagram to let her fans in on what lockdown looks like in her household.

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“I have small kids so I prepare breakfast, morning snack, lunch, midday snack and supper. There are dishes in between but my daughter does most of that, and let me tell you, she's had about enough, sometimes we stare at the sink and burst in laughter.” 

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She also confessed that there are days when she doesn’t even shower and she loves it.

“Stop taking yourself so seriously, ugezela bani (who are you bathing for) at this time [sic],” she wrote.

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The mother of four also added how she has failed dismally in her attempt to catch up on some reading.

“I've tried to read many times....doesn't happen... someones always hungry, thirsty, needs to pee, or is just plain bored so they interrupt ME!”

She also added that the one thing she enjoys about being in lockdown is that she gets to watch the sunset every day.

“We have the most beautiful sunsets here,” she says.