Anele Mdoda tells sad man to 'man up'

Anele Mdoda. (Photo supplied)
Anele Mdoda. (Photo supplied)

Many South Africa women in black tradition are taught to stay in marriages even though their husbands cheat and have children outside the marriage. When the tables are turned and women are the ones cheating men cannot handle it.

Yesterday, a guy who goes by the twitter name Sankara tweeted “So my girlfriend is pregnant again with her second child, and neither of them are mine.” The gentleman who put three broken hearts next to the text probably did not expect to get a response from Anele Mdoda nor did he expect the type of response she gave.  Anele responded to the tweet by saying “It's just a pregnancy, don't take things so personally. Those guys didn't mean anything. You are the number one. Why (are you) so insecure?”

The matter didn’t end there. The radio and TV personality, who seemed to not pity Sankara, took a screen shot of the tweet and posted it on her Instagram page.

The caption on her Instagram post read “This guy (is) about to throw everything away for a few kids. What happened to staying with your person and making them the woman you want them to be? He needs to pray for his woman. Woman make mistakes, it’s who they are. Love her better and she will be better. Build an empire with her and forget these distractions. Good women aren’t just found anywhere. Those men who impregnated her want him to leave. Satan is always ready to come into your bedroom. Don’t let him in. Love those kids like they are your own.”

Many of Anele’s followers found the sarcastic tweet to be both entertaining and hilarious. One follower took the time to give her opinion on the post and said “this is the exact advice women are given every day (and) that is the point of the post.” Many other followers shared the same sentiment.