Angry Vuyo Dabula wants his R3 000 from pastor

Vuyo Dabula. (Photo: City Press)
Vuyo Dabula. (Photo: City Press)

HE PLAYS a vicious character on Mzansi’s favourite soapie Generations as Gadaffi who doesn’t let anyone play him. Now it seems that actor Vuyo Dabula has brought his character to life after a prophet double-crossed him. The star went on a mission to get back his money. He vented his anger on social media claiming that the prophet, who called him for an appearance gig at his church, was now ignoring his phone calls.


The actor says he couldn’t take it lightly when someone, who claims to be a man of God, betrayed him. He says he is unhappy because prophet Paul Mpobole of Emmanuel Christian Ministries in Sebokeng, Vaal is refusing to pay him. “I was booked to appear in two churches. One church paid me R4 000 that I don’t even charge.  I still continued with the gigs, even though I noticed that the other church didn’t pay me,” he says. Vuyo says he later confronted the prophetin Sebokeng and demanded payment, but the prophet refused to pay him. “I then went to the police. When the prophet was called to the police station, he told the police that he doesn’t know who I am, and I have never set a foot at his church. He even told the police that a lot of prominent people do come to his church and I wasn’t famous enough to set my foot there,” says the actor. He explains that it was quite shocking for him, “when a man of God stood in front of police and claimed that I was trying to scam him”. “His wife told the police that he recognises me very well and they would sort the matter out. But the prophet refused to pay me, saying that I am messing with the wrong prophet. He even threatened me in front of the police,” says Vuyo.


Vuyo says the matter wasn’t resolved as the police told the prophet to pay him half the amount owed and the balance would be paid later. “He gave me R1 000 and promised to pay the balance later. I am still waiting for my R3 000. I want to teach him a lesson that he will never forget. If he plays his people at his church like that, then I am not one of them. He must just know that I will be chasing after my money until he pays it back,” he says.


After the altercation he has endured with the prophet, Vuyo appealed to other pastors not to take advantage of people. “It is very important how you conduct yourself in front of your own congregation. Pastors or prophets should stop lying and taking advantage of people. I believe that it is important to go after fake pastors so that they stop stealing and robbing people,” he says. When contacted by Move!, the prophet declined to comment saying that he is tired to talk about the matter.