Ba2cada proud of seSotho


LESEDI FM afternoon show radio personality Ba2cada, whose real name is Nyakallo Leine, notable success has dispelled the notion that rising to prominence in the entertainment industry has to be done with a knack for the queen’s language. He has been the host of the afternoon drive show for the past 11 years, a record that is unmatched for the 35-year-old who hails from the Free State.


“I am proud of where I come from; I’ve always been clear and intentional in rallying behind my mother tongue,” he says. For more than 10 years, listeners look forward to listening to Ba2cada who is loved for his energetic and charming presenting style, not forgetting his signature laughter that keeps listeners entertained. “My listeners love me because I am as real as they come. I understand what they want. I don’t try to be someone I’m not,” he adds.


In 2012 and 2013 he won the MTN Radio Awards for best radio presenter, achievements he says have made him grow in leaps and bounds. Then in 2017, the inaugural DStv Viewer’s Choice Awards signed him off as the best radio host in the entire country. He was nominated in the same category as talented and most-loved hosts such as Anele Mdoda, Sqgemeza, Tbo Touch and Tbose in the best radio presenter category but he won. “This one was very special for me because I beat all others from predominantly commercial radio stations,” says Ba2cada. He says he always distances himself from the ‘celebrity’ tag because he has never wanted the fame to get to his head. “You know how our industry is, it is easy to change into something you are not if you don’t know who you are,” he adds.


His success came at an early age and he has done most of the things he wanted to do but there is more to come. “The next move for me would be to host a breakfast show on Lesedi FM and in future maybe be part of management. I have no desire to leave the station,” he says. The radio host is a full-time business management student at the University of Johannesburg.  “Education is important and now that I am in business too, studying comes in handy,” he adds. Ba2cada has an eightyear-old son and don’t be surprised when you see him with a ring on his finger. Move! can confirm that it will happen soon. “It has been a long-time coming and I am in the process,” he laughs.   


Ba2cada has always known that his fate was in radio or soccer but he could have not seen how massive his contribution to radio was going to be. About 13 years ago, his greatest ambition to become a soccer player led him to the city of dreams, Jo’burg, where he had enrolled for an LLB degree. After two years of trying to get into playing soccer professionally, he found himself auditioning on Soweto’s influential Jozi FM for the sports presenter spot.  “I stood in line from 9am and only auditioned 10 hours later. When I was chosen from the 825 people that had auditioned I knew I had something special in me,” he says. It took him only two years to move to a national platform, the SABC’s oldest radio station, Lesedi FM.