Carol Ofori on joining the Radio 2000 family: “I was attracted to the music”

Radio presenter Carol Ofori.
Radio presenter Carol Ofori.
Carol Ofori/ supplied

Carol Ofori has been entertaining radio listeners for over 20 years and has cemented herself as one of the most hard-working women on air. Her move to Radio 2000 is a massive turning point in her career as she steps into daytime radio – Queens of Grace with Carol Ofori broadcasts every weekday from 9am to 12pm.

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Speaking to Move! about her Radio 2000 gig, Carol shares how she has achieved such a successful radio career.

"If there is one thing I’ve learnt to survive in the media industry, it’s resilience and being persistent even when things don’t look good. You have to be exceptionally resilient and that’s something I’ve learnt from my mom – having the ability to stay on my course even when I am doubtful,” she says.

"The one thing that makes me happy about being at Radio 2000 is the nostalgic music. I was attracted to the music, it reminds me of the good-old days.”

Carol says she’s bringing bold new perspectives to the Radio 2000 audience that will hopefully inspire her listeners.

"I’m Pan-African, I’m proud of that. My husband is from Ghana and I’m South African and my children are a combination of both. I have a feature on the show called the African Connection which I hope will unify Africans as I feel that’s so important.

“We’ve been divided by borders and what we think of one other and it’s so important for me to drive home that it’s not by mistake that God put us all on the same continent. We need to remember that we’re brothers and sisters,” Carol says.

"I’m so excited Radio 2000 said, ‘Carol, just bring Carol’. I brought features such as African Connection that tells African stories and I brought Sheroes which is so important in highlighting the incredible work women are doing in different spaces, especially the women who aren’t in the spotlight and who are achieving things in the background. Women who started farming and started small businesses that are changing people lives. Women are the driving force of our society,” she explains.

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“Another thing that’s big for me is my religion. I’m Christian and I love Christ, I have a feature on the show called Thank You Monday where I remind people they’re loved and that Christ has got their back. We play gospel music that helps people start the week on a good foot.”

‘I don’t take being on a national radio station for granted’ - Carol

Carol is also set to be a part of a baby talk show on TV, but she can’t share too much about it as it’s still in production. “I will be coming back to television and I’m so excited about that,” she shares.

Carol is raising two children, a son aged five and a daughter who’s four months old, in a way that teaches them all about the beauty of Africa in all its diversity.

"I know my kids will go to schools where their ethnicity will be questioned by children who haven’t been taught the importance of unification and the importance of individuals being allowed to be themselves. I’m not raising my children saying you’re Ghanaian or you’re South African, I’m raising them as Africans. In our home we have African art everywhere, the books I bring them are a representation of what they look like, the conversation I have with them is about the continental beauty of Africa".

“I’m exposing my kids to African cultures and I plan that, as they get older, they travel the continent before taking family trips to European countries,” Carol says.

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