Celebrities get lighter

Mshoza (Photo: Gallo Images)
Mshoza (Photo: Gallo Images)

FAME and fortune can bring a lot of change – even a change in skin complexion! Skin brightening or lightening is a growing phenomenon in our entertainment industry.  Move! looks at a few celebrities who were criticised by Black Twitter after reports that they have allegedly bleached their skin surfaced. Kwaito singer, Mshoza, is one of the celebrities who has in the past talked about her skin being bleached. She is not the only Mzansi celebrity to face criticism for the lighter tone of her skin. Musicians Khanyi Mbau and Kelly Khumalo have long admitted to using skin-lightening creams and injections for a paler look but they have never admitted to bleaching their skins.


Kwaito artist, Mshoza, is notorious for her skin bleaching habits. She filmed a short documentary about one of her skin bleaching treatments on MTV Base Africa. Early last year, Mshoza found herself  in the midst of a frenzy after she underwent a shocking transformation to look like American rapper, Nicki Minaj. The transformation, which was documented by MTV Base Africa‚ sparked widespread criticism. The internet was in full attack mode after seeing the footage of the so-called Nicki Minaj transformation. In the video clip, a nervous Mshoza, who is dressed in a white robe and sporting bright crimson lips, is heard saying, “Hey, this is Mshoza, the queen of kwaito. We are about to fix Mshoza and make her look more like Nicki.” Aesthetics HQs, which is the company that handled the transformation, says costs of the procedures were R3 000 a session and botox/fillers every four months at R4 000 a pop, with an additional R2 100 needed to maintain Mshoza’s complexion.


Media personality, Khanyi Mbau, has also had her fair share of skin bleaching accusations but she remains unshaken by them. A few months ago, Khanyi set tongues wagging again after she posted a picture of herself looking too many shades lighter than before. In an interview with former East Coast Radio presenter Phat Joe, Khanyi was once asked why she embarked on her skin-lightening journey and she replied by saying that it’s a personal choice. “There is something about a woman who looks brighter‚ but there is a difference between lightening and bleaching. Lightening is non-invasive. It also boosts your immune system and helps with anti-ageing,” she said in the interview.


Songstress Kelly Khumalo has also made headlines for apparently bleaching her skin. It hasn’t been an easy ride for Kelly as the mockery never ends. Back in 2015, pictures of Kelly did the rounds on social media showing the distinct difference between the singer’s face and hand complexion. Twitter made a feast of that. Most recently, when Kelly was a guest judge on Idols SA, she ended up trending after viewers noticed that her armpits were darker than her skin tone. According to viewers, she “bleached” the rest of her body and forgot her armpits. Mshoza, Khanyi and Kelly could not be reached to comment on the procedures.