Celebrities share their black tax experiences

Celeste Ntuli (Supplied)
Celeste Ntuli (Supplied)

Black tax is a word that has been thrown around quite a lot lately. It might be interpreted differently however, in essence, what it means is that young black people have to spend their money to support their families not out of courtesy but out of obligation. For those people from privileged backgrounds the issue of black tax might not really be relevant but this could be different for those whose success is seen as the betterment of the entire family.

Comedian and actress Celeste Ntuli

Celeste is currently preparing for her last show of the year from her one woman show dubbed ‘Black Tax’. She grew up in a big family and has eight siblings. She was quoted in a newspaper saying black tax is normal to her because she has gotten it from others too so she doesn’t have a problem with paying it too.

Skeem Saam actor Buhle Maseko

Buhle plays Nimza on SABC 1’s loved drama Skeem Saam believes in taking care of the family but should guard against being taken for a ride.  “Even though we need to support our parents who have sacrificed a lot for our well-being, financially, it is a setback. I think we need to start sitting our black families down for conversations about money and how to lead ourselves towards financial independence.”

Actress and singer Gugu Zulu

The 24-year-old She Is King lead actress says for her there is nothing she would not do for her mother. “I don’t believe in this whole black tax thing. She is my mother, she raised me and me taking care of her is to say thank you,” she says.

Rapper Emtee

The controversial ‘king of trap’ has never been shy to talk about money matters. On the issue of black tax this is what he says: “Of course a certain portion must go to the family but I just have a problem with those distant family members who suddenly demand money when they don’t know your struggles.” Emtee adds that he is generally very giving and says that has brought out positive rewards for him. He recently revealed to Move! that while people on social media were going on about him being broke, he actually bought a pinky ring with ‘lots of diamonds’ and that he is the only rapper in the country with it.