Cosmo, the real thug of TV

Ronnie Nyakale
Ronnie Nyakale

THE film industry knows that if you are looking for the best played thug roles, Ronnie Nyakale is the man for that. Viewers have seen him deliver outstanding performances on television screens and he makes everything look so believable. He played his first thug role as Papa Action in Yizo Yizo season 1 and he has never looked back since then.


Ronnie is a strong believer of borrowing from his real life in order to make Cosmo come to life. Generations PR manager, Gaaratwe Mokhethi, says Ronnie and Cosmo are not so different from each other. “In every township there is a Cosmo, that is why most people can relate and believe his character. But one thing most people don’t know about Ronnie is that he can borrow from himself, when he plays Cosmo. There is a bit of Ronnie in Cosmo so that makes them similar, though Ronnie is a humble and honest guy,” says Gaaratwe, adding the two are protective of their families.


His acting creates a lot of emotions for the viewers and some become angry as others feel attached and moved by his roles. In order to master a role as Ronnie does, it doesn’t only take practice or skill but a lot of research as well. “He does a lot of research about that particular character. He has played in different stories and whenever he gets a role, he puts in a lot of practise to master it,” says Gaaratwe. Ronnie has played Ding-Dong on’s Rhythm City, featured in A Place Called Home, End game, Fallen and he found himself in the race to win a Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama Series.


“He learnt that the industry should be taken like any other career. And that there is nothing special or different about it except that you are under a microscope. But one of the most important things is never to neglect the art,” says Gaaratwe. She adds that respect for his craft is what brought him where he is today and he also knows how to differentiate between his job and private life. “He always tries to better himself and has so much respect for his craft. He’s at a stage where people call him for roles and he does not have to go to auditions anymore,” she says. “He is down-to-earth and humble, private and old school as well. Hence we do not see him on social media or doing a lot of interviews.” Every time Ronnie graces the screens, viewers know he will serve and deliver. He really has created a name for himself.