Former 101 member Preston Sihlangu on papgeld drama


PRESTON Sihlangu, who is known as Presss in the music industry, is accused by his baby, Didi Magandela, as being a father from hell. Presss, whose hit Thojani Ya Thesele is making waves, is said to have told his baby mama to go to the nearest hell and burn. This is after Didi had tried many times to force him to pay papgeld for their 12-year-old son.


According to Didi, Presss failed to honour paying maintenance for their child who is also trying to make his mark in showbiz. She says that the former Popstars 101 band member had been ducking and diving to pay papgeld since 2008. “I have taken Presss to court countless times but he is still failing to pay. The last time I took him to court, a warrant of arrest was issued, but that never bothered him, as he was never arrested. He is constantly ignoring my calls whenever I call him,” says Didi.


Move! spoke to Presss about the issue of being accused to be a runaway father, and he stated that Didi could go to the nearest hell and burn. He says that Didi knew that the matter is in the hands of the law and she should wait for the court to decide on what he should do. “Did is used to telling the media about me being a bad father to my child and this is not for the first time. This matter will be heard in court soon and I will prove to them that she is lying. I acknowledge that I fathered a child with her, but her intention is clear, she wants to drag my name through the mud,” he says.


Move! can reveal that Presss is still legally married to his estranged wife, Busisiwe Sihlangu, formerly Ntseki, a businesswoman from Kagiso in the West Rand. However in 2015, he married another wealthy woman, Kgolagano Nare in a traditional way. It has emerged that two women in his life are at each other’s throats as they believe that they are both his wives. “Press didn’t divorce Busisiwe and Home Affairs still listed him and his first wife as legally married. He is playing with the emotions of these women, and he does this because he knows that he can score any woman he wants,” says our source. Presss tells Move! that he married Kgolagano in a traditional way and he also confirmed that he is still legally married to Busisiwe.  “I was married to Busisiwe and we signed at Home Affairs, but later I decided to marry Kgolagano but in a traditional way. Legally I am still married to Busisiwe, but I need to sort out the issue of divorce with the Home Affairs. I am not officially married to Kgolagano,” he says laughing. Kgolagano and Busisiwe couldn’t be reached on the contacts provided to Move!