How being a father changed Lesley

Lesley Musina. (Photo: Facebook)
Lesley Musina. (Photo: Facebook)

MUCH like his character on the SABC2 soapie, Muvhango, whenever you see Lesley Musina, he is wearing a threepiece suit. Lesley, who plays Ndalamo on the soapie, is the proud father to three-year-old Lushaka, whom he says has changed his life for the better.


The 35-year-old actor says being a father is a wonderful experience. “Being a father is an amazing journey. However, it can be daunting, but somehow everything falls into place,” shares Lesley, who refers to his son as the joy of his life. “Lushaka is amazing. He made me more responsible and cautious. I work even harder because I now have a responsibility to take care of him. I’m now a role model and I am his hero,” he says. The actor reveals that he made a vow to himself that his child will never grow up the way he did. “I would like to think that my son is growing up to be a great man. He is intelligent. I know that because I can see his personality, which is why I want to make sure he has a great life,” he says. He adds, “I want to provide for my son in every way that I can because I didn’t grew up fortunate or in a wealthy family like my character Ndalamo. However, my parents did all they could to make sure I had a good life, which is why I want to be that parent for my son. I’m giving him all I can.”


Lesley believes that growing up surrounded by a warm and loving family can make a person great. “I believe that how we turn out is the way we were raised. Each person is a product of their surroundings. For me, a family is what molds you to become a particular person. It’s where you are shown true love and appreciation. It is the ultimate foundation and where everything begins, which is why I would love to build that for my children.” Lesley, who has been romatically linked to Khumbul’ekhaya presenter, Andile Gaelesiwe, says he would love to have more children. “Parenthood is great, but I think it’s easier to raise a child as loving parents. I believe in marriage. One day I would love to get married, have more children and have a great family, but all in good time,” he says. However, he refuses to talk about his relationship with Andile.


The multi-lingual Limpopo-born star, who can speak 10 South African languages, started acting in 2002 as an extra and worked his way up. He is now the new presenter of Speak Out on SABC2. What fans may not know about Lesley is that he is also a DJ and started deejaying in 2005, but took a break due to his acting career. He has since returned behind the decks. “I don’t do clubs anymore. I now play at corporate and private functions. When I play, I take the crowd through different genres and I enjoy it,” he says.