How Mi Casa almost called it quits

Mi Casa (Photo: Supplied)
Mi Casa (Photo: Supplied)

SIX years and three albums later, the house band, Mi Casa, almost called it quits following a series of arguments.

The band says they had been bottling up issues for a long time, but things were becoming tense and they couldn’t ignore their issues any longer. At the end of the day, the same thing that brought them together kept them together – the love for music. 


Mi Casa singer, J’Something, tells Move! that since the band’s rise to fame six years ago, he can’t recall a day where they had an argument about something serious because they always swept things under the carpet. “We did have issues as a band, but we turned a blind eye. When doing interviews, we would get asked how we are doing as a band and we’d just say things are alright even though at times things weren’t as rosy,” he says. “Dr Duda would miss a studio session and act as if it wasn’t his fault. We wouldn’t address the issue just to keep the peace.” According to the singer, there were also outside influences, who didn’t always have the band’s best interest at heart. “We had people outside of the band influencing us to pursue solo careers, saying it is more lucrative and we wouldn't have to deal with each other’s tantrums. With the fame came the attention and the guys felt as if they were left out and I was Mi Casa alone, which got to the best of us at times. That also made the idea of going solo more tempting,” explains J’Something.


Coming from a broken family, J’Something always thought his parents should have tried a little harder to stay together.  He says this brought him back to his senses that if he’s going to call it quits with the band, he should at least put up a good fight before giving up. “We are like a family, we are more than Mi Casa. So for me to give it all up without at least trying to fix things wasn’t an option. We asked ourselves if it was what we really wanted because when we started out it wasn’t about the fame or money, so why should we separate because of it? That’s when we decided to do an album to remind us of what we are truly about – a family,” says the singer.    


Mi Casa will release their new album titled, Familia, soon. Dr Duda says, “If we could get through what we got through recently, we will never break up. This album is happy and you can hear the happiness. It’s a true reflection of where we are as a family. Arguments within families are common and this is another reason we chose the title Familia.” He says this is generally the point where most bands break up. “But we were willing to to speak openly about how we felt. Another important lesson is that you need to fight for the things that truly matter to you,” says Dr Duda.