Hulisani Ravele just got cyberbullied for her freckles – and its not okay!


Cape Town - Social media has made it easier for people to be in contact with their favourite celebrities, however this is not always good thing because cyber bullying is also on the rise.

Former YoTV presenter and radio personality, Hulisani Ravele was recently on the receiving end of cyber bullying from a tweep who thought it would be funny to compare her freckles to toast and ripe bananas.

Instead of being unkind, Hulisani calmly told the tweep he was being very vile and that she doesn’t wish the same upon his daughter.

“You are a vile human being. Your sheer ignorance and disregard of the emotional and self-esteem ramifications that a post like this has on someone is sad. Worse, you are a father, to a daughter. May she never be ridiculed and have to experience what you did here.”

Hulisani’s loyal followers took it a step further by reporting and blocking the troll for being insensitive and his targeted disrespect and harmfulness.

In response, Hulisani thanked all the people who supported her, and shared that she didn’t only stand up for herself, but also for all the younger people who face constant discrimination for their looks.

“Thank you to everyone who is reporting & blocking him. I’m cool. I had to respond for that young girl or boy who faces a real battle with teasing & bullying because of their physical appearance. Bullied so badly that they don’t want to live anymore. Bullies must be dealt with!”