J Something affirms love for wife

J'Something (Photo credit: Instagram)
J'Something (Photo credit: Instagram)

Micasa’s J’ Something real name, Joao da Fonseca is a man in love. From time to time, the Micasa’s leading man takes to social media to declare his undying love to his wife, Cordelia. This time was no different, the star affirmed his husband’s duties saying he’ll protect and love his wife. He also shared that the couple’s relationship is built on God’s guidance.

“I will be on the frontline of every battle we go into. We do not walk alone. Where we walk the creator of the heavens and earth walks. I’m behind you, beside you, and will go in front of you on this journey of ours,” he proclaimed.

The couple has been together for over seven years now, and the crooner says there’s not a thing he regrets about the union. There’s no chance for the single hopefuls, the musician is beyond content. He says every moment he spends with his wife is out of this world.

“There isn’t one day since we’ve been one that I would change or regret. Every moment with you on this earth has been beyond my wildest imagination. It is an honour being your man,” he declares.

The couple welcomed their first child last year. J Something has not only cemented himself as a musician, he’s proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen as well. He’s got a successful restaurant called Something’s Cooking by J’ Something in Pretoria.