Kagiso Modupe after the chop

Kagiso Modupe (Photo: Instagram)
Kagiso Modupe (Photo: Instagram)

LAST month, Scandal! actor Kagiso Modupe made headlines for his medical circumcision campaign where he called upon 2 000 men to get the chop.

The 33-year-old, best known by his character name of Mangi in the e.tv soapie, told us that he made the decision to get the chop because he wanted to protect his family.


The actor was in high spirits after getting medically circumcised. Kagiso, who got medically circumcised at Katlehong Clinic, west of Johannesburg, says the campaign was a huge success. 

"The event was amazing. We were hoping for a few hundreds of people to show up. I was blown away by the number of people who came out in support of this campaign," he said.

He says almost 3 000 men were medically circumcised in about 200 clinics across the country that day. “We had families coming to support their men. It was such a fun day and not just about getting circumcised,” he says.  


The Brothers For Life ambassador admitted to being nervous about the pain, the healing period and abstaining from sex.

When asked about life on the other side of the chopping block, the actor says all those worries are all gone now.

“I’m feeling great and going through the healing process right now. People think it’s six weeks of pain when it’s actually the opposite. I was back at work just two days after the cut. Even though I’m still healing, I’m not feeling any pain. I can go about my day as normal,” he says. The married actor quickly makes it clear that he has not had sex because he has to finish his six weeks of healing.

“I have not had sex just yet because I have not finished my healing period. I can't wait to experience how it will be on the other side of the chopping block,” he laughs.  


Kagiso, who is best known for his acting roles on TV, reveals that he is exploring his other talent – music.

Unlike his circumcision campaign, he is not making as much noise about his music endeavours.

He says he’s been making music for some time now. In fact, he released a single last year. “I am not rushing my music career. I’m just taking things easy. I will release another single on my birthday to celebrate my circumcision,” he explains. The multi-talented star says he sings tribal house and has already worked with popular names in the music industry such as DJ Clock and Metro FM’s Adil. “I am not planning on releasing a full album just yet. I will be releasing singles for now and giving them to DJs to play,” he clarifies.